View Full Version : Mission 2 Help Needed (PC version) *spoiler*

19th Sep 2004, 21:22
Hmm ... okay, I am at a loss.

Cleared the path to the village. Herded the villagers, found the weapons caches in the haystacks (including the empty haystack behind the raised hootch). Found all 14 items and both intel bonuses (actually there are 3 to be found). Never do get a mission accomplished for the weapon caches and so:

When proceeding to the path to find the journalist (heh ... good old pre-embed days) I get the messge about going AWOL.
After a time (I guess the mission clock runs out), I end up getting a mission failure.

Using the compass hasn't helped either.

At my wits end. Any detailed help would be appreciated.

I have enjoyed the game thus far. Many aspects of the game had my hair standing on end (though that could be memory related: which is a high mark for the game thus far: the flash-back factor).

I don't play it as a run and gun, more of fire and maneuver -- just wish the squad knew about movement to contact and how to do bounding overwatch -- so guess I'll have to be satisfied with my "bronze" star.

19th Sep 2004, 22:27
OMG, this mission is killing me too. The instructions are so vague. I've rounded up all the villagersnad I believe found all the weapons in the haystacks. I can't figure out what else I am supposed to do. If I wander around too much it warns me I'm going AWOL and then eventually time just runs out. Very frustrating.

20th Sep 2004, 04:27
The help posted elsewhere is correct: you must use grenades to destroy the haystacks. Just target the haystack (shown as "Objective") and target it with a grenade.

20th Sep 2004, 07:40
Well I was stuck there too a few weeks ago (I am from Europe!). There is 1 road where you can continue. I think it was the one with the booby trap on it, but I am not sure.

When you are done with the previous mission (gathering all villagers and clearing haystacks) you hear the sarge or somebody yell to the translater to ask him where the journalist is, when you heard that you can continue the mission using that path.

20th Sep 2004, 07:54
Have you rounded up the villager that attempts to escape over the paddy field and stops where the level starts?

The sarge orders you to stop her but I dont recall a mission objective being displayed. This sounds like what is happening in your game. You may have missed hearing the instruction.

Go and get the runaway villager.

20th Sep 2004, 15:45
Thanks to all those who responded here (and elsewhere).