View Full Version : .ini tweak didn't take!

19th Sep 2004, 17:13
Hi all
I wanted to remove view bob and made the adjustments in the "normal ground movement" section as mentioned but Garrett is still bobbing. Anybody know why?

My system: P3, 864Mhz, XPSP2
Video card ati radeon 9600SE 128 MB (AGP)

At the moment T3 running like a champ!

20th Sep 2004, 13:46
Make sure you tweaked the right portion of the ini -- in many cases, there's an Xbox section and a PC section. If you tweak the Xbox line instead of the PC line, you'll see no effect.

20th Sep 2004, 16:57
Thanks for responding.
Actually T3PlayerAnims (as per the instructions in the Ion storm /TTLG ? not sure which, ) was where I made the changes ( not Default.ini) and there are no X-box settings there.
What I wonder about though, is that while Default.ini has the ".ini" extension, the T3PlayerAnims doesn't i.e. as mentioned in the threads I saw.
Also, when I open T3PlayerAnims in notepad it doesn't say "ini file" at the top!
I have the patched version (1.1). Now wondering if this has anything to do with it.