View Full Version : Cradle: Toys 'n' stuff *SPOILERS*

19th Sep 2004, 16:59
This thread is meant for players that have done this mission rather than 1st timers.

Anyway, it seems that when collecting the "toys" it is possible to use them to go back and forth between past and present as long as you don't get caught by the warden shadows. The main thought I had about this is that you might be able to use this to evade the wardens if you get discovered. They have to "catch" you to take away the toy, so you can still out run them, hide or "time shift" with one toy and then re-enter the past with another. There's the risk of bumbing into a Puppet, but back in the present you can at least use your gear.

Another thing is that you can actually get hurt and probably killed in the past while using the toys (Lauryl says you can't) I discovered this when I was trying to check what would happen if Garret was caught in the past in one of those caved in sections. So I just made a dash in a straight line towards a warden, then the warden made a "hand-slash", took 3-4 health crystals and sent G back to the present. By the way, you just get repositioned at the entry point where the path is blocked in the present if they catch you in those places.