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19th Sep 2004, 15:54
I know there are TONS of these posts floating around so I guess 1 more wont hurt, will it? Good. I am sooo stuck! I am in the second mission and am told to find the switch in Ember's room. What am I supposed to do? Where is it? Ive looked everywhere! On the bed, under the ben, in the chest, under both barrels, by the book on the table, under some pots. Hell, ive even searched the ceiling! Please help!

Ok im done now.

19th Sep 2004, 16:24
This is one of those "Something wrong in this picture" things. The picture is the Lord's quarters (where you are) and what's wrong is... well how about I put it in a tiny riddle?

Look for a source of light that isn't giving light

If this isn't enough then just say so and if not me, someone else will tell you.

19th Sep 2004, 16:27
in his room by the fireplace is a desk, besides that desk on the right side is a torch that isn't lit, thats the switch

19th Sep 2004, 16:28
Well the only scource of light is a candle that i have put out. Sorry, but that clue dosnt help much.

19th Sep 2004, 16:32
Danova you mean near the dining room fireplace? I checked out that area and saw no torches though i did see a small table/desk.

19th Sep 2004, 16:41
Because theres no fireplace in the lords bedroom.

19th Sep 2004, 17:08
Because theres no fireplace in the lords bedroom

Hmm... think you're mistaken Lord Ember's room with Lady Ellisabeth's (sp) room (tower chamber).

Lord Ember's room is the one with the book with the clue about the opal's porticulis mechanism and hidden switch. The fireplace is quite huge and I'm sure you've taken the other medallion from it and to the right wall from the fireplace, near a desk that has some coins on it is the unlit torch.

19th Sep 2004, 19:07
The item you are looking for is indeed in Lord Embers BEDCHAMBER.

As you enter the Inner castle area from the portal in the upper hall, you are just above the courtyard.

If you look DOWN to your right you will see the guard patrolling, and across the courtyard at your level, another standing on the walkway.

If you drop into the courtyard, and move to where the porch is roofed over you can mantle onto the upper level just outside Embers rooms.

This porch is shaped like an L, and the roof is a walkway. In the corner of the L on the courtyard side, is a ledge you can mantle to, and from there to the roof, which is a walkway.

The window right there is the entrance to Embers storeroom. If you pass from the store room into the chambers, the desk is in an alcove in the bedroom to the left of the bed and fireplace.

On the wall is a torch that is UNLIGHTED. This torch is the switch.

If you enter from the upper portal and sneak around the guard on the upper walkway, at the east wall of the building, you enter the 2nd floor at the north end just at the entrance to the tower bedroom.

Turn right, and Embers quarters are at the far south of your point of entry.

The Lower portal off the armoury, leads to the same courtyard, but you cannot enter the upper levels where Embers rooms are without using the elevator, or mantling up from the courtyard at the corner of the L as mentioned above.

19th Sep 2004, 21:14
Thanks so much guys, youve been a big help:) I found the switch.