View Full Version : Needs this PATCHED ASAP! HELP Key Bindings!

19th Sep 2004, 15:26
I dont understand how this slipped by, but I HATE the key bindings for movement in this game. I always use the Arrow keys for movement and have everything else set up around that.

Why was this game made without allowing key binding for movement to happen?

Does anyone know of any cheat codes or console codes you can put in to allow to change movement keys. I know doom 3 you could assign your strafe keys to whatever you wanted but would not allow you to change it in the options. Was majorly annoying. I am seriously about ready to dump this game if I cant change the movement because lets face facts. If you bought a car and the pedals were reverse for gas and brake, would you want that car?

Anyone with help or info that can shed some light please post

Cry for Dawn

19th Sep 2004, 19:00
If you bought it for the PC....You CAN change the buttons. Just click on the button, not the title.

20th Sep 2004, 00:29
I dont get what your saying at all. Under key bindings you cannot change the movement keys AT ALL. there is no way to reassign them. Yes I am talking about PC, If you have a way to change the WASD keys to make them arrows please explain in greater detail how, because I am clearly not the only one with this problem here

Cry for Dawn

22nd Sep 2004, 02:28
I got the PC version today and I re-assigned the movement keys with no difficulty. The default "forward" key is "w", I think. Click on the "w" and a question mark appears. Just push the button you want to move forward and it will be assigned.
On another note, I don't think this game deserves the terrible comments about it. I agree that the graphics are not in the same league with Doom 3, and not being able to jump is a pain, and I find disarming traps to be next to impossible, but all things considered it was worth my money. I walked through deep water once and my character held his rifle above his head in a realistic manner. I also like it when the character automatically clubs the enemy with the butt end of his rifle when they get too close. As for realism, if people don't like the fact that the pistol is labeled a 9mm, pretend its a .45. It looks like one anyway.
I'm only on level 4 but so far I have no serious complaints. The drug use is a joke really, unless I'm missing something. The only drugs I have read about and have come across are some tablets to increase stamina or steady your shooting. I was under the impression there were people shooting up or something. All in all, a decent game so far.