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John D.
19th Sep 2004, 14:13
I have an exterior area where I have several large objects, however an additonal one appears among them every now and then, I delete it and it stays gone for a while, but reappears later. Anyone have this happen before?

19th Sep 2004, 18:08
What kind of object keeps appearing? The game inserts stuff like AI projectiles at 0, 0, 0. Does the area happen to be inside these coordinates?

John D.
19th Sep 2004, 19:01
No I already have an airbrush at 0,0,0 to prevent any mixups. The object was a huge bantam node set up in an ocean area to resemble some kind of cooling tower, an extra one kept appearing a couple of times, but after using the purge_missing objects commands a few times and processing it again it seems to be gone for good now.:)

Well, part 2 is as large as it's going to get, I keep getting goof ups when I try to add more so I'm focusing on internal details now and adding sounds, ai, etc. Hopefully I can get this thing out by the end of the year....I dont know if I'll ever touch dromed again so I'm going to try to make this one the best!:cool:

John D.
20th Sep 2004, 03:44
Oh no!:eek: The 'too many object error' is appearing again! The monolog is giving me more errors like:

Object count dangerously high(3994 of 4000). Be very very careful.
Object count dangerously high(3995 of 4000). Be very very careful.
Object count dangerously high(3996 of 4000). Be very very careful.
Object count dangerously high(3997 of 4000). Be very very careful.
Object count dangerously high(3998 of 4000). Be very very careful.
Object count dangerously high(3999 of 4000). Be very very careful.
Object count dangerously high(4000 of 4000). Be very very careful.
[objsys.cpp@395] Ran out of concrete obj ID's
Re-run with a larger obj_max.
[prophash.h@223] obj != OBJ_NULL
[prophash.h@223] obj != OBJ_NULL
[prophash.h@223] obj != OBJ_NULL

Now after the last rebuilding I thought I had eliminated the problem (I also set the obj limit to 4000 in case I needed it). Now the info window tells me I have under 3000 objects in reality but I'm still having problems!

I'm not sure what to do at this point and I thought I would make a request.

I was wanting to get most of the work done on pt 2 before zipping it up with pt1 and having an alpha test done to check everything out before tweaking it and adding objectives in for the beta. However due to the problems I'm having right now I'm not making any progress in completing pt 2 due to these errors. I know some of you have asked to test when it was ready and I have an additional list of people I wanted to ask but I was wondering, would it be alright for me to go ahead and make a peliminary alpha with the current material so you guys could see for yourselves what's going on in pt 2? Pt 1 is largely finished, but I'd be glad to take feedback on it too. I dont want to cut anymore areas out of pt 2 if I can so does anyone want to take a look?

20th Sep 2004, 15:58
Maybe those extra objects are being added during game mode.
If you have lots of things like Spellcasters then maybe that could cause the problem.
(Though an extra 1000+ sounds a bit high for that)

Apart from rebuilding areas, what else have you done to reduce the object count?
Chairs and tables can easily be made into RelayTraps for example, then you can remove the original Trap...

John D.
20th Sep 2004, 17:45
Well I do have three combat bots that shoot blue projectiles that burst in a particle effect. Would that create a problem?

Edit: just tried removing the customized projectiles, no effect. Info_window
says I have 2038 objects in reality, but I'm still getting the error.

23rd Sep 2004, 06:08
All textures that you walk on in any way is added as an object, also room brushes are objects. if you have 100 textures in a level, then thief reserves 100 objects for those textures, it reserves them at 0,0,0 but they are so small you can't see them and if you remove them then sound on that texture stops working.

John D.
23rd Sep 2004, 15:25
That's interesting, I didnt know about the roombrushes and textures. I've gotten numerous suggestions and I'm trying various ones so far. If all else fails I can make some small trims objectwise and not lose on the quality (for instance I noticed a lot of Mech arches have their bolts at the 0,0,0 area-I deleted those because they wont be needing them hehe...) >:-D