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19th Sep 2004, 10:34
is it just to counqer as much as possible or will there be victory points like in the paradox games (erupa Universalis,Harts of Iron etc)

23rd Sep 2004, 02:15
paradox games last 300+ years, this is a 30-year game, as such, I'd expect the game to end in either a peace treaty, a total conquest, or at the end of the time period.

23rd Sep 2004, 02:20
Winning is more or less, subject to what you set as your goal for yourself.

In total war they determine winning by conquering the hole map (impossible if on hard/normal) or by great achievements (too easy). So instead of trying for either, I try to exist as a nation, conquer my enemys and become the strongest force in europe.

The current total war campaign I am playing, I am italy, have isolated the papacy on sicily, conquered all of germania, france, italy, greece, slovakia, poland, turkey, the middle east, etc. Pretty much there are only 3 countries left other than me.... spain, england, and russia. I am the richest, I have the largest military, and have the highest levels of achievement, as well as about 85% of the entire map covered.

I am doing well =) but my campaign ends in about 3 moves so I consider it a victory.

29th Sep 2004, 23:13
Heh the best offense is a good defense for me....

Vic Flange
13th Oct 2004, 14:06
Currently, you can win with a total victory, points victory or by capturing the opposing Empires' capitals. We may also add some extra victory conditions.

14th Oct 2004, 16:00

But that's been done to death :rolleyes: ;)

How about I suggest some others:
Moral Victory - you must ensure your enemy is ruined - diplomatically, economically and militarily.
Superior Strength - You don't need to expand your borders at all - but when the game ends you have to ensure no-one else has the strength to sucessfully attack you. (You army strength is greater than the army strength of all you combined enemies)
Diplomatic Victory - You must have the most allies - by any means - fair or foul.
Economic Victory
Technological Victory

27th Oct 2004, 18:10
Or something completely different like the creation of a railway line the length of Europe. (when were trains invented again?) That would me an amazing achievement, and could be achieved through military force or diplomatic pressure or a mixture of both.

What about the destruction or domination of one enemy? What if every nation had an enemy nation to attack and another to defend against?

What about the installation of trade centres in every other nation, again using a mixture of diplomacy and force?

28th Oct 2004, 02:18
Ummm .. this isn't Railroad Tycoon 4, you realize that, right :-)

28th Oct 2004, 17:38
I went on a steam train once, it was made up to look like James from 'Thomas the Tank Engine'

ah, happy days. :rolleyes:

28th Oct 2004, 18:37
This isn't railroad tycoon? Damn! :mad:

But if you believe Michael Moore, the US war in afganhistan was about the building of an oil pipeline....

Sa, but most european wars weren't about conquest, except for Napoleon and Hitler. Tall men usually played diplomatic or economic games backed up with military might. Was just trying to think of ways where that way of thinking, that style of play, could be realised. Most people will play world conquest anyway. I will. But it would be fun (and add to the replay value) if there were other options to explore. MTW "cultural achievements", what a load of bollocks. What achievements? Build the greatest library in Europe, and have scholars and experts knocking on your door to study, now THAT'S a cultural achievement.

So maybe a transnational railway. Or the creation of a canal system from the black sea to the Baltic. Or mass religious conversion. Or the unification of a bunch of states in some way working together for a reason, eg the creation of the Hanseatic League or uniting the Baltic states or the Italian princes so they monopolise sea trade in that area. Or building "Great Wonders", although that's a bit lame, something which required diplomatic, political and military effort to achieve I think would be a bit better.

Even just give credit for doing big things like this, just giving that that recognition may be all the encouragement needed.
I mean, yay, I've conquered the world. Now what? Do it again from another country? Or do something slightly different, with slightly different goals?

22nd Nov 2004, 15:56
Me, Tsar of all russians, will free my fellow slavs from the tyranny of the ottoman infidels... then free and restore the holy city of Konstantin.

Oh, that leaves central anatolia... better take that too.

Hmm... alexandria and the pyramids would look nice, eh?
Train route from St Peter to Alexandria, and a historical Link for Tsar Alexander to Aleaxander... hehhe ;) Better march all the way there too!

And once thats done, Persia starts looking like it needs a new master.

All the while being friendly with both britts and french.. agreeing to anything they like. I just have no time atall for their silly squabbles :D
Same goes for any inbred habsburgs, or the wannabe militarists of preussia.
They can do as they please as long as they leave the turk for me ;)

16th Dec 2004, 20:33
They messed up the winning in Rome TW becos you have to capture 50 areas/provinces and become the ruler of Rome itself, but it doesn't give you a chance to carry on and conqure the whole map like what MTW VI let you do. Maybe they add Revolutions and civil wars, i dont like following the real history, carnt we change what happened, find our own way of defeating Napoleon, or even if old boney himself wins. Do we get leaders too who we can give ranks titals, like Duke, Earl, Lord, Priminister, Arch Bishop, Captain, Admirals and General. Can we give small countries demands, like if Prussia had one region left we could tell them to give us military or diplomatic support or we will invade?