View Full Version : Need brightness/gamma/contrast help

19th Sep 2004, 04:09
The game looks very washed out like the contrast is low. Black areas are gray. Interestingly black looks black until most way through the loading screen then it turns gray. I have brightness set to '1' and everything seems too light - I think I used to have it set to 6 or 7.

I haven't played for a while but I recently installed a new video card and XP2. I don't know if one of these screwed something up, but is there are brightness/contrast setting somewhere in the ini files that I can tweek? What can I do other than changing monitor settings (which I really don't want to change everytime I start and again when I quit)?

19th Sep 2004, 05:15
Go to the OPTIONS menu and bring the first button to the RIGHT. Move it about 8 or 10. Go back to the game. If it is too dark, OPTIONS and MOVE IT AGAIN.

At the Far end 24, is full bright.


There should be enough between the two to satisfy you.

20th Sep 2004, 18:35
You seem to misunderstand - my brightness is set at 1 (which is the darkest) and the screen is STILL TOO LIGHT.

Shadow detail is set to max - but I don't see how this should really matter.

But the biggest issue is that the contrast is too low - what should be BLACK is GRAY. Yet with brightness at 1 (i.e at the darkest setting) I can't find any way to make things DARKER!

20th Sep 2004, 18:54
I think what theBlackman is trying to get you to do is to "reset" your gamma. If you run the gamma all the way up to 24(or all the way to the right) then run it back down, it might fix your problem.

You might have a threshold problem where the game's brightness settings have actually shifted and by moving all the way to the right, it forces the computer to rethink its settings.

Of course, I could be out of my taffing gourd too.

21st Sep 2004, 00:16
Ok, well I tried it. It got brighter when turned up but is still too bright after turning it back down. All in all it had no effect.

21st Sep 2004, 12:48
Maybe its your monitor? I had issues with my old monitor being far too dark for me to play some games and it was simply because the monitor was old and needed to be replaced.

I know you're having issues with it being too bright, but it might be the same thing? Have you had any issues with anything else being too bright?