View Full Version : like the game but a few plot flaws :spoilers:

18th Sep 2004, 23:48
First, if the temple is suposed to blow up how come you end up using it as a base?

Second, why the hell do you start the last mission in a tunnel? with no weapons? this doesn't make sense? The only thing i can think of is that is were the vc were spying from but, still it does't make sense?

and last what is up with killing the general it takes like fifty shots!!!!!!! that part was just lame!!!

19th Sep 2004, 03:08
LoL actually i just bummed rushed the General and got him with a single headshot LoL but at very very close range, and the spy ends up being the Mama-San at base i believe, and the only reason why you start off with no weapon cuz you were captured, and you have to escape its quite easy you just take the knife and rush someone and just start slashing at them:p

19th Sep 2004, 03:57
ya the mama-san was the spy, monty like like put a knife to her breasts then slit her throat. And it took me like 50 shots to kill the General also. I was like chancing him around the Buddist temple thing shooting him for like ten minutes. He's like the classic boss...where you have to give it everything you got.

If you meant why do you use the POW camp as a base camp after it blows up, then the answer is I don't know.

19th Sep 2004, 04:52
They should of made Ho Chi Minh the boss at the end...That would of been classical..And very funny also:D

19th Sep 2004, 07:59
I guess i missed the mama san part!!! I just don't understand how you get captured? and how did the tunnel go un noticed? It just doesn't make sense. I really like the last mission it is pretty cool except for the first part. I mean there are multiple people there in the tunnel suggesting that they were captured day ahead of time. I just doesn't make sense. What they should have done is have you be in base camp and an alarm goes off, then mortars start to rain in and people run for cover as the vc attack that would have been really cool!!!!!

21st Sep 2004, 00:30
hmm. it all made sense to me. psycho could have been handled a little better. but i like the all out vc attack on the base at the end. this game didnt need some fake ass hollywood ending.

21st Sep 2004, 01:13
uh...exactly what it had.

21st Sep 2004, 06:57

it adds to the realism dude..jeez lol