View Full Version : My new Angelina Jolie wallpaper

18th Sep 2004, 20:42
http://www.tombraidermovies.net/premier_mag3_1024_small.jpg (http://www.tombraidermovies.net/premier_mag3_1024.jpg)

Now how can you say you don't want AJ as our Lara Croft! :p

This picture comes from the October 2004 issue of Premier Magazine. Size if 1024x768 if you want to download. :)

18th Sep 2004, 21:32
Great job Trinity. :cool:

19th Sep 2004, 09:37
AJ sure has her moments of sheer beauty, eh? :)

Lara Croft Online
19th Sep 2004, 11:47
Great job! Thats a keeper :)

19th Sep 2004, 17:36
Originally posted by CatSuit&Ponytail
AJ sure has her moments of sheer beauty, eh? :)
But they are rare...

4th Oct 2004, 00:35
Nice pic of AJ. I think she's one of the prettiest actresses.

15th Oct 2004, 01:29
How did she get her picture taken with RED hair?
That must be a mistake !
(Or else somebody actually looked at Lara Croft, and realized what color her hair is.)
Good Job ! !

BTW- AJ was fantastic for her short part in Sky Captain.

" Alert the Amphibious Squadron ! ! ":D