View Full Version : Weapons upgrade in Prison

18th Sep 2004, 19:42
Okay, just completed the prison mission, loads of silly fun, and when I picked up my weapons it said I had a new weapons upgade. What upgrade and how do I find out what it is? Brennin

18th Sep 2004, 20:13
I suspect it was you "reaquiring" an old upgrade. I'll spoiler the rest.

The ability the Hammerites grant you to kill rust mites and the ability the Pagans grant you to use moss arrows on cornerstones are both classed as weapon upgrades. They show up on the upgrade screen, along with things like the lockpicks and climbing gloves, and they glyph abilities you can pick up. When you go to the prison, you lose any tool-based upgrades; if you look at your upgrade screen, the lockpicks and bow upgrades are not there while you're in prison. Once you recover your gear, you get those again. I think that's just an indicator telling you that you have them back.