View Full Version : VC Weenie Roast!!!

18th Sep 2004, 18:12
YO YO YO!! The flamethrower rocks! to bad its short range though, o well, today i got to roast some VC with that sucker, HOORAH!! its fun as hell to chase them VC down the path's shootin' flames at 'em!!! lol

20th Sep 2004, 02:00
yo, you guys CAN post here about anything about killing the VC and NVA in the game, dont be shy! lol

20th Sep 2004, 08:28
Okay this only happend once

but i shot one of the [edited by mod] up real good

and he died standing up....

like seriously straight up at attention...

i thought my game was possesed with Ho Chi Mihn...


20th Sep 2004, 23:34
Yeah, i know what you mean man, i love throwing grenades at the NVA and VC, they're so funny how they say Grenade! They just say it like really calm and go grenade! and the go running with arms flailing, i also like the RPG and rocket pistol, i love just shooting one VC or NVA and watching him/her fly into pieces! lol