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18th Sep 2004, 12:25
i threw the wine on the table and she thanked me for it. now how the hell do you get the switch to oepn? isnt the hidden switch under this desk here (http://www.freewebs.com/tovime/thief.jpg)

18th Sep 2004, 16:20
In the study, across from the dining room, yes. Your link is too dark for me to see.

It is TIMED. You have a short time after you open the passage with the switch to get back to where the passageway actually is.

If you are too late, it closes and you won't find it.

Hit switch, run your buns off.

18th Sep 2004, 20:16
It's hard for me to see, but I think that's the wrong area. The "study" is on the ground floor; it's the locked room next to the dining room. There's three doors into it, plus the passage under the staircase. You'll be able to see the switch under the desk, and it will frob that electric blue that everything else does.

10th Oct 2004, 06:51
thats right its near the dining room, just check under the table
and u will find a red switch otherwise read a walkthrough

20th Oct 2004, 01:14
I tried throwing a wine bottle on the table, but nothing happened. Is there a particular wine bottle that I have to get or what?

20th Oct 2004, 01:19
Any wine bottle. There is a BUG that makes it difficult.

Stand in front of her with the bottle in view. Do a QS. "R" the bottle on her. If the bottle HANGS IN THE AIR you made it. If it does not QL and TRY UNTIL IT DOES.

20th Oct 2004, 18:13
Alright, I tossed the wine bottle on the table and she thanked me for it, but she didn't tell me anything. Also, where is the study? Isn't it in the master bedroom? The map they made for the mansion is terrible!! So terrible, I'd consider it video game treason. Those taffers!!!

26th Oct 2004, 11:25
Mansion map (http://www.totalgames.net/mediastore/IMG/112373.jpg)
Totalgames.net also has a brief walkthrough with all the mission maps in here (http://www.totalgames.net/pma/20148).
Hope it helps.