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18th Sep 2004, 11:51
I'm not sure I like the notes that are automaticly updated when you overhear a conversation or read something in a book. Sure it's quite handy but it kind of takes the edge of the challenge of the game. For example in Auldale when you overhear the conversation between the gold shop owner and Jimmy the Knife. When that conversation was over I thought: "hey, wait a minute. If I take this guy out I might get access to the gold shop". But before I had finished that sentence in my head the sound that indicates that a new note has been added sounded, and when I looked in the notes there it was, my thoughts printed in words. Sometimes the notes just takes the edge of the game. I think that there should have been an option to activate and deactivate the notebook. Anyone who agrees with me?

21st Sep 2004, 03:03
I'd actually like to have a regular notebook I can update myself. It was nice to be able to write on the maps in previous games.

Of course, I can always just keep a notebook handy and write stuff there... I do that for the Myst franchise. But, it would be great to have in the game itself.

I guess, then, I'd agree with you. Going a step further, it might also be important to be able to find information from conversations repeated elsewhere. Sometimes the voices aren't clear enough, or I have to scoot by someone and trigger a conversation by mistake.

21st Sep 2004, 03:23
i would agree with you, alot of the conversations are "hard" to overhear sometimes cause of patrols, so you can go to where it's not even audible at all but it still registers in the notes .. heck there were times i ran past people talking and didn't bother to listen yet i got the whole converation "ray notes" in the notes section.

21st Sep 2004, 12:52
I miss the annotatable maps as well. It was nice to be able to make notes on the actual map and be able to refer back to them. Even being able to add detail where the game maps really suck.

21st Sep 2004, 22:18
Yes, even being able to draw on the map would have been so easy to implement, I wonder why they didn't do it.

22nd Sep 2004, 04:30
Well you don't have to look at the notes I suppose. But my memory is so bad >< I really need them =/ But yeah, going an extra step and making it something the player could toggle would make for more immersion though so it'd be good. And those of us who really need 'em, could still use 'em if we wanted.

And yes! god I wish I could write notes on the map - the only part of Thief I really don't like is the whole map thing. It's really next to useless I've found (or I'm just really bad at reading them), but being able to make notes would help a lot =/