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17th Sep 2004, 21:40
here's mine.

Here's my review of the game. enjoy.

After Playing Shellshock: Nam '67 and beating all the missions under 6 hours on medium, I had mixed feelings about the game. First let me get to the graphics...

Graphics: Not the best graphics. Yet the grainy 60's filter made the game seem a bit spooky and made me feel a little like I was in the middle of the jungle in Vietnam, 1967. But the downside to the graphics in this game is that as you walk through the linear jungle trees and grass appear out of mid-air.

Sound: As for the sound. The gunfire, explosions, and voice acting is pretty mediocore, nothing special here. And the ambient effects in the jungle made the jungle come to life. But the best feature of sound in Shellshock is the music. No doubt the best soundtrack a Vietnam game has to offer. I found myself staying a little longer at the base camp just so I can finish listening to the song.

Enemy/Friendly A.I.: Now the A.I. in this what really brings this game down. I myself have interests in wars ( WW II and Vietnam war especially). The enemy A.I. just didn't fool me. After watching documentaries and movies about the Vietnam war, there is no way the VC and NVA were as stupid as they are portrayed in the game. Sure, once and a while they'll use some kind of cover, like behind a rock for instance.. but only because they were spawned there. When at other times they'll casually walk up to you shooting. As for the Friendly A.I. Sometimes they'll actually kill some "charlie", but watching them die , then coming back up and brushing it off like nothing happend is not very impressive. And the fact you only have 3 or 4 other people in your platoon is kinda lame.

Gameplay: The gameplay feels like any other Third person shooter with linear corridor like jungles. Where you run and shoot, while your character moves around akwardly. The controls could also be a little better, but you eventually get used to it. A downer for this game is the death animations. It seems no matter what weapon you use, your enemie's head will blow up, or any other limb you shoot at....even with a pistol this seems to happen. The death animations are just plain old unrealistic....violent....but unrealistic.And another thing that bothered me is that unless your shooting at point blank range.. it'll take almost 6-10 shots to bring down an enemy. I found myself shooting this one machine gunner directly at target and having to go through one magazine of the greaser gun before bringing him down. Also the basecamp was at times useless. If you were smart you wouldn't waste chits on the Mama-sans, You'll only get a post card and a cheesy symbolic sex scene were the huts raock back and forth....If the hut's rockin, Don't come Knockin!!!! Also the drugs you use in the game are mostly useless, although it does increase preformance somewhat. Another lame feature in this game is the health system, It's like playing Halo ..where your health regenerates. That might be good for Halo because your a Spartan who needs to regenerate his shield, but is no way acceptable for a grunt in Vietnam.

The Verdict: The gameplay plays out as a run and gun shooting spree. Blowing the limbs off any Vietnamese you encounter. The A.I. is definatley not the best I've ever seen. Even rather stupid at times. And after you join Special Forces the A.I. gets even worse and then the game just gets plain old boring. And the Many bugs this game has will definatley frustrate the gamer who puts many hours into it, especially since there's only a checkpoint save system, a quick-save feature would've definately worked better. Also the health system is the stupidest ever in a war game. I would've rather have the cliche health packs then a regenerating health bar. And the selling point of your character changing is total Malarkey (BS). In conclusion, Shellshock: Nam '67 is far from being a combat/ war simulation.

Although the cut-scenes were very well down with nice voice acting. Also the music was very enjoyable. With very well made cut scenes, and a Oliver Stone's Platoon like ending.

Shellshock: Nam '67 gets a 7.0

+ Great soundtrack & ambient sound, with great cut scenes that push the story along

- Bad A.I., many bugs, Gameplay could be much better. Too short.

My final words is to rent this game rather then buy it, definatley not worth $50.00 to play a 10 hour single player game. And if you change characters the storyline is exactly the same. But still a great game none the less

18th Sep 2004, 22:20
rented the game. on first special forces misson (HARD). so far its definetley worth the rent.

graphics - pretty good for a ps2 game. rag dolls seems a little choppy but its alright- a LOT of gore. player models/weapon models are ok- like how his gun has velcrow and sticks to his back.

gameplay - i havent played it on any other difficulty other than hard and it gets pretty intense at times. squad AI is pretty good when u wait for them to follow you. enemy AI is....ruthless. they come at you in an unbelivable amount. when your by yourself its not that fun but when in a battle its pretty cool. stealth missions are alright except the fact that your all on your own.

sound- some desync of the weapons in cut scenes and some of the weapons dont pack as much punch as you think they would. repetitive vulgarity. voice talent is...corny. they dont sound very enthusiastic in the cut scenes or when you talk to somebody at basecamp. the in-game voices are passable

controls-standard 3rd person/first person controls. not as much control as compared to a mouse and keyboard.

FPS(Frames Per Second)- decent throughout the most part. times when the frame rate drops a LOT of sometimes just a tad.

overall- 7.5/10 : rental only. of course all games that arent online arent worth buying unless they have some kind of multiplayer thats halfway decent.

19th Sep 2004, 01:49
velcro? lofl if you look close enough some of those weapons have straps..shoulder straps..you know?