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17th Sep 2004, 18:16
Unlimited enemies do come unless you dont finish your objective at a givin time... For example in that one mission where u have to destroy the machine guns, if you keep running around without destroying them you will have non-stop enemies...In other words you do have to run and gun even though it says not too, if you dont you will simply run out of ammo, and then your screwed..There are risks you must take to complete certain mission for example disarmingevery booby trap on the mission even though its not in your way...I noticed in that hostage rescue one, they will not leave until all booby traps are disarmed...But its a challenge, All in All its a good game hope it could of been better..

Camera angles:6

Game earns a 7.25 for me which is average

Dang i just wish it could of been slightly touched up to perfection..Anywayz i am gonna flip the game with the 2 other characters...See you all laterz

24th Sep 2004, 15:11
I would add a 9.75 for Environmental Realism, which in my mind boosts them to about an 8+.

Really, my major beef is with the AI for your squadmates: it is obvious they didn't pay attention much in Infantry AIT to the lectures and practice of small unit tactics ... lol ...

All-in-all, I am finding the game to be quite enjoyable -- if sometimes frustrating due to the checkpoint saving system. Hmm, I guess that constitutes beef #2 lol.

Other than that, there are a few small inconsitencies (as mentioned in the Army vs. Marine posts) and the fact that you board a UH1D and land in a CH46/47. Mid-air transfer? lol

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