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17th Sep 2004, 00:23
gamespot review (5.4) (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/shellshocknam67/review.html)

17th Sep 2004, 00:55
The game is not horribly bad...I mean i think it deserves a 7.5 its average to good but its not that bad...I mean yeah things could of been fixed better, but heck nothings perfect...This is pretty brutal anywayz..Hopefully Eidos will make a comeback, and make it better more uncut nudity, various drugs, prostitutes..The whole bit...Anywayz im going back into the jungle too save Monty see yah...

17th Sep 2004, 01:31
games arent about sex and drugs.
if they are to you you are a sad individual

17th Sep 2004, 01:32
i wish it was longer, i should go return it.beat it in one day

17th Sep 2004, 03:45
Originally posted by pyromoron
games arent about sex and drugs.
if they are to you you are a sad individual i doubt he meant it like that. he probably meant to make the game completley un censored.

17th Sep 2004, 04:36
Pyro...Ahem...We are talking about NAM...NAM was sex, death, drugs...Its reality face it

P.S. Uncensored Yes...It was rated mature

17th Sep 2004, 14:48
Good Morning All:

Well i'll tell you.I normally don't say much if anything about the games I buy but SS stands out as a real honest to goodness Let Down.

Most folks think VietCong and BF VietNam were bad, compared to
ShellShock those two games are masterpieces.

The GameSpot review pretty much sayes it all for me too. Not being a fanboy of any one game,i just buyem and playem.

Being a VietNam vet, I really take this game as an insult to the thousands that had to fight and died there.


17th Sep 2004, 15:51
Drugs are bad, Prostutes are bad, stay away from them.

17th Sep 2004, 16:38
At first I thought i wasn't going to like the game because of the way the controls feel. Once I got used to those the game is great. The one big problem is the Nvidia driver problem which I can't seem to get past.

17th Sep 2004, 18:07
I cant believe people are having problems installing it? I went through it with a breeze, installed perfect no crashes nothing...Hmmmm i dunno i just updated my driver to Direct x 9c maybe thats why?...I dunno happy fraggin all :)

Boston Strangler
17th Sep 2004, 20:46
Originally posted by pyromoron
games arent about sex and drugs.
if they are to you you are a sad individual

vietnam had plent of sex and drugs
might as well make it truely realistic, nothing sad there

17th Sep 2004, 21:26
Hey, what did I tell you guys about prostutes and drugs?

18th Sep 2004, 16:03
Originally posted by pyromoron
games arent about sex and drugs.
if they are to you you are a sad individual

I see, so violence, death, destruction, decapitation, and dismemberment are all good things in a game, you know, fun for the whole family. But shame on those who want sex and drugs in a game.

19th Sep 2004, 03:24
better sex and drugs in a video game than in the real life right? besides I never understood why the USA is so puritanical. sex is human . . . drugs have been used by people around the world for millions of years, mostly for religious purposes. sex and drugs are only considered BAD because our government/culture/religion/parents or whatever have told us so.

19th Sep 2004, 08:22
They are hypocrites bro...thats all they are..when they were young they had sex and did drugs and they know it! know they are all high and mightey and chaste...bullllll crap...they should know that their kids are gonna do it anyway some time in life no matter what they do..lol..

19th Sep 2004, 14:41
You're right, thats why I'm here.

20th Sep 2004, 12:58
Dear Fellow Grunts

I have gone through the critical review posted at GameSpot, Its sad to read such awefull comments for such an awesome game. This review has nothing to do with Shell Shock : NAM 67 and everything belongs to it. They say it easily can be beated in six hours and has no realism and its all about brutality and vulgarity, besides they have already declared it a Mature game. So there is nothing wrong to view brutal cut-scense and having a little boo-boo with local prostitutes, a I saw they showed a screen-shot of Fort's exterior wall 'Welcome to HELL' written in blood, was that scarey? I dont think so, If i am playing a game its a game for me i dont go in virtual reality to get screwed up and i am not responsible for others if they shocked or zoncked by playing such games. I guess the author of that review must be the developers of Howchi Min Trial :p No Offense but I dont give a chit to you not your review, for me its the game of the month and i personelly give it 9/10 for Graphics 8/10 for gameplay 10/10 for brutality and vulgarity (as they speak) 11/10 for boo-boo (man i enjoyed it!, sooths me, restores my power, and increase my karma) 7/10 for Game AI (its a fact that VC were mad for US interruption thats why they were killing too many soldiers mercilessly and its really true that those patriots were blind in war, thats why SSNAM67 has a bit dumb AI) 10/10 for Story & 10/10 for Script & Dialogs :p (adding a lil kerosine)