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16th Sep 2004, 19:31
After getting the game to install (had to clean the dvd laser) I eventually got it set up and started to play.

after a few seconds it crashed )c:

ran it again and got a little further then crashed

no error box nothing just WHAM back to windows.
I can get 5 mins max then it crashes!

any help would be great

win xp pro (just reinstalled) service pack 2

2.8 xp cpu
1 gig ddr 400 ram
mobo GA 7n400 pro2 ultra
200 gig sata hdd
550W psu
radeon x800 xt platinum card (omega drivers [tried with original drivers])
soundblaster audigy 2 platinum

all mobo drivers and hardware drivers are newest available.

HELP ! please its driving me daft!


16th Sep 2004, 20:03

ok ran the game and left it in contol options mode while i made a note of default key settings and guess what?


btw DX9c installed too

£20 to the person who solves the problem.


16th Sep 2004, 21:27
pc version sucks

16th Sep 2004, 23:24
Hmm strange one, specially as its not actually even in the 3d world etc.

Which catalyst driver you running?

Is it an agp card? or pci express?

18th Sep 2004, 00:08
-gfx card is AGP 8x new version of catalyst driver.

Right then after some thumping and banging I reinstalled windows to a normal (non sata) drive and installed the game to the sata drive.

The result....... managed to play for about 10 mins then it crashed.

In that time I did notice a few things

a: its hard to kill the vc, even at point blank.
b: aiming dont help much still takes a fair few rounds to kill opponent.

So I was just gonna bin it and go back to Call of duty....

NOW I re installed COD on the new drive and set myself down for some gaming.....

BUT after install I found that the game would not start, it asked me to put cd in drive???? original discs no chance!
So I reinstalled it and it wouldnt even see disc 2!!!!

After changing cables and re booting .... just the same AAAAArgh.

Checked out BIOS and I noticed that cable select was set to ata 133 100 etc so I re-set it to auto and put 2 new ata 33 (40 wire) cables in for CDRW and DVD and HEY PRESTO!

COD worked first time
and Nam 67 is fine NO crashes (so far)

Does Nam 67 access the dvd during play ?

if so this may be the problem for others, worth checking I think.

cyas later I'm off for a tour of the Nam ( I hope)


PS> BTW it's even cured the auto run problem I had! (noticed others had it too)

PPS> Now what can I spend that £20 on?


18th Sep 2004, 08:21
Glad you got it working. ShellShock doesn't access the dvd at all except on startup.