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16th Sep 2004, 10:50
i got the game yesterday (15th) and its pretty good,im up to the level that you have to be beat in order to join the special forces.

im playing on hard btw.

The first mission you start out on a trail and the LT tells you all the controls,you walk down the trail and get in a couple of firefights along the way, squadmates provide suppressing fire and all.
You really have to take cover in shellshock,constant enemy waves means you cant really go rambo, especially on hard mode.
I got to a part on the first mission where the enemy was being constantly reinforced with more men, by a tunnel. You have to move up a hill, and destroy the tunnel. Using the shoot n' move tactic to keep taking ground.
The levels are pretty big on shellshock,ranging from a small jungle trail to the wide open battlefield with helicopters and jets going by. The atmosphere is great, like I said jets and helicopters always fly by, always a man transmitting through the radio with the classic "Bravo 2 bravo 2 over"
Heads, arms, legs, everything come off depending on where you shoot them. Hit them with a dead on grenade, and you wont be able to tell who the hell or what the hell it used to be.
Gun accuaracy in this game can be a problem at time,long rang shots, you'll be dead on lined up perfectly, and the bullet will still miss. Usually you have to shoot 3-5 times before they go down.
You can pick up badges, flags, all sorts of trophies from dead bodies and trade them in for your non offical military supplies at base camp :D
The base camp is huge too, I havent covered it all yet im only on the 4th or 5th mission.
You can go to the firing rang and get your gun for the mission, or just shoot it for the hell of it.
The AI in this game can be good at times,other times just having the NVA/Vietcong run straight at you into all your bullets. Playing on hard is a challenge all by itself though.

Well, thats my small review, I'll add on more when I play today.

16th Sep 2004, 13:05
:D coool