View Full Version : Which game is the scariest?

16th Sep 2004, 06:10
Which TR game did you find the scariest? I don't remember all the names of which one was which. It's been so long since I've played the earlier ones. For me the 2nd TR game was the scariest. I always had this horrible feeling of doom when I would have go into water. It just bugged the life out of me Lara getting eaten by sharks.

17th Sep 2004, 03:17
How about revelation.
It's mysterious and dark. That bull took the **** outta me for the first time.....then I killed him.

18th Sep 2004, 20:48
I haven't played Chronicles yet but TR2 is by far the scariest. The worst are the howling Yetis and those huge spiders. :(

19th Sep 2004, 11:44
TR2's cave of Spiders and that tiger room got me freaked out...
But those giant scorpions,beetles,
and Guardians in Last Revelation really got me spooked!

19th Sep 2004, 22:52
I voted for TR2. While in the temple of Xian, the music seemed a lot more darker and some of the enemies were a lot harder to kill.

20th Sep 2004, 16:17
Not much in TR scares me but those Yetis did. The worst one was the one that didn't come out, the one you had to go get in the cage. :( :p

20th Sep 2004, 16:47
nothing scares me (apart from heights). most people think this is a good thing, but it takes a lot of the fun out of scary games + horror films. after a while of not being frightened, life gets really boring :(. for example, when i heard the yetis i was a bit apprehensive to open the cages, but i just did it and then i thought in a really droney, sarcastic, monotonous voice "hmmmm, wow, killer rock people". and for the spiders "oh no, there's a big spider. what shall i do with this ridiculous amount of firepower i have". trust me, after a while it gets very boring very fast

20th Sep 2004, 17:39
If you want something really scary then try Silent Hill (any of the 3) or painkiller... these two games make me really jumpy when playing them :D

21st Sep 2004, 09:45
tried them, but no luck :(

21st Sep 2004, 15:12
I thought the Silent Hill games were very scary.
Have you played Siren or Fatal Frame?? :eek:

21st Sep 2004, 20:26
Originally posted by baylisst
tried them, but no luck :(

Aww poor baylisst, can't get scared? :)

Notts Raider
24th Sep 2004, 00:21
As far as the scariest atmosphere goes, it would be The Ireland Levels on Chronicles. Creepy

24th Sep 2004, 11:49
Originally posted by Trinity34
Aww poor baylisst, can't get scared? :)

no. boo-hoo

**baylisst gently rocks in the corner of the room, driven insane from the strange boringness**

26th Sep 2004, 15:44
i dont know there all scary 2 me!!! Especially TR 3 , those village guys made me jump & scream

10th Sep 2005, 17:20
As I said elsewhere, Tomb raider III was the scariest game for me. I don't know, it just really scared me. The enemies appearing out of nowhere (those dogs jumping 'round corners in Aldwych - even now when I expect them, my heart rockets up into my Adam's apple!). Those wasps in the Lost city of Tinnos - those giant mutants (the first two especially!) - need I go on?