View Full Version : "Historical" Campaigns

16th Sep 2004, 01:31
I am wondering if these campaigns will be made and then added for real battles to bep layed out rather than just ones we create by playing out the singleplayer campaign.

Similar to the total war series, where you can play out a few major battles of the 100 years war, it would be nice to have campaigns like Napolean's where you play out some of his major battles, or the English in the napoleanic war or the War of 1812.

Having the war of 1812 would be cool becuase you could fight at Washington DC, Baltimore, and New Orleans.

The napoleanic war could have battles like Waterloo and such.

The above features probably wouldnt be too difficult or time consuming to add, but would add to the overall content of the game. The research that would needed to be done, is how the battlefield really looked, and the composition of each combatants army at the time. Then you just place them in the game and make it so completing one battle unlocks the other, and wallah, you have the historical campaigns.

If this feature is already in the game, just smack me, but I dont think I saw it.