View Full Version : I Got The Game Today(us)

15th Sep 2004, 23:57
I just got back from eb with it a few minutes ago. ill check back soon to describe it

16th Sep 2004, 03:04
just played the game for a while. i must say i am very pleased with it.it definetly lives up to my expectations and then some.i got the xbox version and i havent had any freezes or glitches yet. it is very addictive

i started on hard mode to begin with, but its hard to get past the traps.

16th Sep 2004, 03:35
I am getting mine for PC, i will compare it with X-Box..I have a pretty good system there is no reason why i should get any errors...

16th Sep 2004, 03:46
You getting both versions?

Boston Strangler
16th Sep 2004, 04:20
ill be getting mine tommorow (thursday)
ill put up my 2 cents when i played it throroughly.

16th Sep 2004, 04:26
Im gonna get it for my PC, my friend is getting his for X-Box...We are gonna compare the graphics, possible glitches etc....Yeah boston same here dangit i should of had it today, but them slow retards didn't process my order quick enough..So i will play it tomorrow...*Sigh* dang i been having dreams of this game LoL
P.S. My broke a$$ dont own a X-Box (TeeHee)

16th Sep 2004, 04:26
picked it up today. major major gore. its pretty intense. hope it isnt to short.

16th Sep 2004, 04:28
Only 11 missions which rounds off to a roughly 7-10 hours of game play depending on how well you adapt too the NAM...MuHaHaHa

**should take no longer then a week to flip**Maybe 2 too 3 days max!

16th Sep 2004, 21:44
if you want the best,longest,and most rewarding experience id recommend starting on hard difficulty.
otherwise youll probably breeze through it
i dont know personally cause i havent played it on anything but the max difficulty
those bad reviews i read were all bs the way i see it

16th Sep 2004, 21:47
i think most of the people who reviewed it were just winey cause it doesnt have online capabilities
some people expect every game to be as nerdtastic as halo 2 or other overated sci-fi crap.
i like halo but it shouldent be the standard

16th Sep 2004, 23:54
Yeah i will tell you my full experience and about the game after i flip it...Sooo far its great..Only problem is that it takes a heck of alot of shots to kill someone...Unless you got great aim headshots everytime..Yeah them punks thought this game sucked?! HaHa this game rulez, plenty plenty of action well write my full thought after the game...Latez

17th Sep 2004, 00:07
It takes like 10 shots to kill someone, unless your at point blank range then it's 1-3, not a bad 'nam game. Just not the best.

17th Sep 2004, 01:27
i think it will be the best overall nam game. if you leave out the fact that mov has multiplayer, which seems to a requirement to be considered a good game these days. not by my standards
i cant afford xbox live

17th Sep 2004, 08:59
Battlefield: vietnam was good too

Shellshock is good i dont care what those other people say

MOV thats what im really waiting for now!!

17th Sep 2004, 21:33
Bought the game yesterday for PC
Trying to get used to the gameplay. The 3rd person over teh shoulder view is not condusive to my aim.

Got thru two levels before I hit the Nvidia Wall as has been listed above, battling in B/W with seriously strange shapes all around.

Anyhoo, reason I bought the game was to compare it with VietCong (diehard player).

While VC completely storms the game over immersion and realism.
e.g How many VC regulars do you reckon where California Surfer chicks who cried "up with the revolution" in perfect english :confused:

What I do enjoy is the camp interaction and the use of chits, I got into Mama Sans quarters only to find the girls demanding 60 chits for teh "boom boom".
It was mostly out of intrigue more than anything as I wondered how far this game would go with the whole prostitution aspect.

The combat side of the game, I know it's supposed to be arcade-like and not realistic but having your own team jump back and forth thru your line of site took the pee. Especially as the gameplay requires you to fire repeated rounds at a target to get a single hit.

I'm currently hunting King Kong, but until the Nvidia drivers are released it's not going to happen . :mad: Nothing quite like paying £30 for a game that doesn't work. So in the mean time I'll be back to VC.
Which might I suggest you PC gamers go and have a bash at. The cheat problems have been addressed and VC is now being sold at bargain prices...Goal.
Come join the FPS pwnage :D

While the combat system is crap the other factors of Shellshock have me intrigued, awaiting those drivers.