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15th Sep 2004, 14:52
Well, been waiting for a while on the game. And I have read system requirements too. The only problem is, I don't have a clue what the diference between a DVD Rom drive and a CD drive is. This morning, I waited for my local EB Games to open the doors to grab my copy. Paid $42.00 and off I ran to load it up. Uh Oh, problem here. Showing blank disc. But, there is a little paper saying mail this crap disc in for a new one, Oh Joy ! I now get to wait for a couple more weeks for exchange when I should have had this option in the first place. Thnx Eidos !
Of course I called EB Games to try for exchange for new realease of COD - United Offenses, but no way ! You took it out the door so I can only buy back as a used game, I can give you $9.00 for it - LMAO ! You'll get my hard earned money again for sure.

15th Sep 2004, 17:12
The difference between the two ROMs are simple one plays DVD's, and the other one is a CD/RW Read-Write...That drive is usually on the bottom..DVD drive is usually up top:)

15th Sep 2004, 17:24
The game comes in DVD format to save space. The game required a whopping 5 disks to install from normal cd-rom disks. :eek: Hence the single DVD disk. If any of the rest of you folks encounter this, we can swap it out for the cd-rom version.

For future reference, it is always a good idea to read the ENTIRE System Requirements panel on the game box. It does state in bold text that a DVD-Rom is required.

For those of you that don't read the system requirements......Shame on YOU! :rolleyes:

15th Sep 2004, 19:24
Well sir, I did read all the system requirements. As I said, I didn't know the diference. I feel instead of suggesting after purchase to exchange by mail for correct disc, it should be stocked in the store for choice at that time. As it turns out, I've spent most of the day finding out just what my system has. I do have both DVD drive and CD/RW drive. Now I have to figure out why it wont find anything more than a blank disc.

15th Sep 2004, 19:39
If you do indeed have a DVD-rom on your system, and it can't read the SSN '67 disk, then it could be the disk itself that is bad. If you have access to another system with a DVD-Rom, load the disk into the other system and see if it can read it.

Unfortunately, there will not be any cd-rom versions sent to stores. If you do need to swap the DVD version for the CD-rom, you will need to send your disk to us. I know it's inconvenient, but that's just how it has to be. Sorry man.:(

16th Sep 2004, 00:23
No problem , sir. I just really wanted to play it NOW ! - lol But I'm a patient man. I can say this much, I don't know of any other gaming co. that offer a fix for my ignorance. I just got a reply from the Eidos staff too, very kind and fast reply to my mailing questions. Thnx for response. I'm going to try your suggestion. Very good possability that my DVD drive is bad.

16th Sep 2004, 15:21
Originally posted by Fuzz_1
I'm going to try your suggestion. Very good possability that my DVD drive is bad.

He means the DVD itself, not your dvd rom player :rolleyes:

18th Sep 2004, 00:58
I know that dude. I'm not completely stupid ya' know. As it turns out, it is my junky generic DVD drive, so it isn't a bad disc. I'm just going to send it back to Eidos for CD/Rw discs, works for me. Maybe I should have gotten Xbox version, but I figure there will be PC mods and add ons in the future.