View Full Version : gamma problems

15th Sep 2004, 13:15
Been dealing with this from the first mission, but since I reached the fortress missions it's becoming more irritating.

I've set my gamma and brightness settings using the graphic cards settings trough start/settings via the desktop. But when I start the game the settings are ignored. I've got brightness on the monitor set to the max, color temp to 9800k and the brightness settings in the game to the max. The image is just too dark.

Monitor is three years old, so the phoshor can't be burned up yet.

Any one got any idea on how to couple the FX5200's settings to the game?

Installed the latest drivers for the card.....

Help, I'm blind as a bat in the game.....


15th Sep 2004, 14:05
Have you tried turning up the brightness in your graphic card settings, instead of from the game? Either that could be the problem, or maybe your monitor is shot out, or maybe you got a bad copy of shellshock NAM LoL j/k...But yeah try it from your graphic card settings in display in the control panel...

15th Sep 2004, 20:23
That didn't correct it, when I alt-tab to the desktop and back I can see the gamescreen getting brighter for a short second before going darker again....

Something is overruling the graphics card settings, and can't find an .ini file to alter the brightness settings in the game.

16th Sep 2004, 13:49
Problem solved, installed RivaTuner and made a separate lowlevel colorprofile for the game. Coupled the profile to the executeable and done.

I can SEEEEEE!!! :D