View Full Version : Shellshock Is Finally Here!!!!!

14th Sep 2004, 21:03
Yo everyone, today is the day!! Shellshock is FINALLY hitting stores in the US!! I hope you guys have fun because its not coming out till the 15th over here so i gotta wait 1 more day, but everyone, have fun! and ill talk to everyone tommorrow on my personal review!!

14th Sep 2004, 21:04
Yeah sooo junk i went to the store and they said it be in tomorrow, i was like dangit!!!!but i just put in a rush order so i should get it in tomorrow b4 i get home from school :)

14th Sep 2004, 21:07
Well Im Requesting off from work so i can pick it up right after school, im gonna devote my whole wednesday night to Some hardcore Shellshock playing!!! :D