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14th Sep 2004, 01:11
Hi, I was wonderin what was betta, NSS67 on Xbox, or on PC, i got both so I was wondering which one yall think is better, Please try to give me good things and bad things about each.:( :)

14th Sep 2004, 01:15
Well first of all us Americans wont know til tomorrow, but i will gladly give you and everyone in this forum my output of the game tomorrow when i purchase it...Hopefully it wont be bad feedback, i am hoping this game is going to be worth the wait....onE

Boston Strangler
14th Sep 2004, 04:26
yes, high anticipation here too.

14th Sep 2004, 14:02
Oh, Ok. I'm in the U.S. too, but i wont get it tommarow...post back please.

14th Sep 2004, 17:15
I played it for PS2 and it's not that bad. I heard that older X-box drivers can't run SSN67 but I'm not sure. And I heard that this game is absolutely horrible on PC..both performance issues and the graphics believe or not aren't as good on the PC as they are on x-box and PS2.

Boston Strangler
14th Sep 2004, 17:44
****! i cant get it until thursday here

son of a
stupid **** !!!!!!!!

14th Sep 2004, 17:58
Why thursday?...Are you ordering it off the internet? I am just gonna go to the mall and pick it up...I think its much quicker...;)

Boston Strangler
14th Sep 2004, 18:09
the eb near me must be just getting it late i suppose
i can wait 2 days but **** i was hoping i could chill and play it tonight

gonna call around see if any other stores got it

14th Sep 2004, 21:27
Yeah same here, i wanna check around to see if anyone got it

15th Sep 2004, 14:40
Oh, Ok I wont get it on PC then, Xbox is a better system the PS2 so i guess ill stick with that :) Thanks all.

15th Sep 2004, 23:33
There is no way that any game could run better on a X box then on a decent pc.

16th Sep 2004, 02:07
I guess SS does...

16th Sep 2004, 02:17
lol. too true.

16th Sep 2004, 02:22
I dont believe it. I'm getting the game this weekend so I'll let you know. I actually know how to use my computer though so I'm sure it will run fine. :D

17th Sep 2004, 03:11
I kno how to use my com. Most reviews say its trash on com. messed up somehow. I dont really kno much about it tho, so ill stick with majority.