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13th Sep 2004, 19:07
I have heard some people saying that even the XBOX version of the game crashes at certain points, but none of the reviews have mentioned it. So, to the people that have the game for XBOX, has your game crashed, because if so, that really sucks.

I hope it is only some games that do this, or maybe that it does it only with certain drives in the XBOX. I have a regular XBOX, and newer version, and by brother has a Halo XBOX. Some games on my brothers XBOX will not work at all or they have something wrong with them, but they will work perfectly fine on mine. Hopefully thats an indication that Shellshock will work on my XBOX. Thanks for your input.

16th Sep 2004, 15:28
ya when I plant the c4 explosive on mission 8 it freezes. And if I leave the game paused for more than 5 minutes it crashes.

16th Sep 2004, 20:21
Over the years several different versions of the Xbox has been released. Each with subtle hardware and firmware alterations. I have not had any reports of crashes on Xbox or PS2 via call or e-mail to our support dept. But the game has only been in stores 2 days. As always, time will tell. However, in my experience, most console game crashes are due to cheats/codes or corrupted saved games.

Hope this helps, let me know if you keep experiencing the problem.;)

17th Sep 2004, 00:04
It froze a couple times after I got up to it again. But I eventually got past it. Also on level 3 in the POW camp, I fall into mid air, and I'm actually walking in mid-air on a side of a mountain.

17th Sep 2004, 15:07
i agree with ACEofSPADES87...as soon as i plant the C4 the game freezes with that horrible high pitched noise...what the? why? why? after going so far in the mission and killing all the people in the tunnel (which takes awhile) as soon as i get out of the tunnel plant the C4 at the fuel tank as soon as it explodes the damn game freezes...i've tried to play through 4 times...and every time it does this...my Xbox was purchase 3 weeks ago and havent had problems with any other game...except Driv3r...but thats understandable...can someone help? this game is now unplayable to me...help?

17th Sep 2004, 16:28
Ok soldiers, those are definitely problems, not design features. A few things you can try; If you have an Xbox memory card, try transferring your SSN '67 saved game from the HD to the card. Then delete the entire SSN'67 save profile on the HD. Turn the Xbox off and on, then transfer the saves back to the HD. Load your save and see how she does. If you don't have a memory card, you might want to just delete the SSN'67 HD profile and start over...but I don't like telling people to do that. :(

If it's still a no-go, try swapping your disks out for another copy either from the retail store or us here. If you want to send them to us, PM me directly and I'll setup a return fer you's guys.

I'll also start doing another playthrough on the retail version and see if I can reproduce what you are seeing. I'll let you know what I find in this thread. ;)

17th Sep 2004, 18:04
i love this game...and i want to continue...i might go buy a memory card and try what you are talking about...thanks for the tip...i hope it works...really dont want to restart...if only the game had a in-game-save feature...i wouldnt be so mad.

17th Sep 2004, 18:49
I eventually got past it, but thanks anyways.

18th Sep 2004, 19:30
I to crash after planting the C4 and it explodes. I have tried several times to get past this stage. with no luck. I am playing it in the easy mode. Guess I will try a harder mode to see if I can get past this stage.

19th Sep 2004, 22:41
Like ACEofSPADES87 & Badsidion my game freezes after I plant the C4.
I have tried on a harder mode, transferring to mem card and back, also starting the game over it still locks up after I plant the C4. This is my second disk the first one did it also what now?

20th Sep 2004, 09:07
I too got the high pitched noise when planting the C4 explosive on the gas tank. This happened three times in a row which really sucked.

However, I managed to figure out a way around it and am now enjoying the rest of the game.

Basically, after coming out of the tunnel, turn left instead of right. You will come across another small group of hostiles to take out, after which you will recieve an updated mission text come up telling you to blow the gas tank (like you did not know to do that already!).

At that point you can go and blow the gas tank without any fear of the high pitched noise and crashing.

I think the game is getting confused otherwise and thinks you are attempting a mission that it has not yet properly given you.

I have only tried this once but it worked so give this a shot.

20th Sep 2004, 11:29
This is what I eventually had to do...As soon as you get out of the tunnel....kill all the enemies before planting the C4. As soon as all the enemies are dead simply plant the C4 and the game should not freeze....that is what i finally had to do...and it worked...i hope this helps you guys...

21st Sep 2004, 04:17
Despite the numerous mixed reviews, I waited a good long time to get this game and plopped down my $50 (which isn't small change for my budget).

Now I get to the 7th level with the gas station and c4 and as you know it crashes. Ive tried everything on this board - xfering to memory card and back to hd, going left instead of right, killing all the enemies, etc. and it still crashes EVERY TIME! This is simply incompetence and taking advantatge of gamers. I don't want to hear BS excuses - I expect to hear those from my kids, not "professionals" in the business word. Own up to your mistake.

My friends, I've been playing console games since Atari 2600. I have NEVER seen such a MAJOR flaw "sneak" by the lead tester and QA personel. Whats the problem EIDOS? I think you OWE an answer to all the XBOX owners that have to put up with this crap you've put out. So now Im going to have to shell out MORE $$$ to send this game back to you and wait however long it takes you to send a replacement copy, which will probably still crash.

You owe an APOLOGY to everyone that has to work hard for a living that shelled out the $50 for a game that dosent work and that cannot be completed as shipped.

While your at it, why don't you give a big tip to your QA Manager & Lead Tester for ShellShock - this may very well be the last time I buy and Eidos game if Im not compenstated for my trouble and inconvience. I would suggest similar action by other gamer to let developers know this kind of slip-shod production will not be tolerated or patronized.:mad:

21st Sep 2004, 06:43

dude calm down..besides i thought it was level 8...lol j/m with you it hasnt crashed at all for me yet on xbox

21st Sep 2004, 07:04
I completely agree with SolScript7, I got this game about 3 weeks ago when it was released in Australia and during mission 8 it crashed 5 or so times before I managed to pass it. Its a complete joke and inexcusable for developers to allow this sort of junk onto the market. Whoever tested the product should be fired on the spot. Having read all this talk of "solutions" involving going left instead of right etc, the fact of the matter is when you plonk down your hard earned cash for a game you expect it to operate properly, and in no way should we have to do certain stupid little actions in order for said product to actually work without crappin' itself. I e-mailed the developers Guerrilla Games about this problem and wanted an explanation from them but what do you know, no reply...very professional, I picture them hiding in their offices hoping all these problems and "stupid consumers" will just give up and go away. I would have e-mailed Eidos too but couldn't find a contact e-mail. So if any of them are reading this, you owe a lot to everyone here who paid for this trash and have been frustrated with freezes and other unprofessional glitches. Nobody should be telling us to calm down here, we are being perfectly reasonable in expecting a working quality product and our frustrations are well merited. In thinking about it I reckon you'd probably have a good case with consumer protection. Pity its so crudded up, coz its a really fun game in my opinion.

21st Sep 2004, 07:18
I've tried everything listed on board to nothing worked for me.
Called the store where I bought it there going to swap it out for playstation 2 version when it comes out I'll try that and hope for better luck.

21st Sep 2004, 11:37
I completely agree with both SolScript7 and jj_ozralia.

Surely such a huge problem with the game should have been noticed by the games testers? I mean, we are not talking about a small bug such as minor collision detections.

I have played through this particular level 6 times, and only managed to successfully get past blowing up the gas tank twice without the game crashing. So how on earth have the games testers missed this?

My solution by the way (mentioned on an earlier post) did not work second time around (i.e going left after tunnel, killing all enemies and then planting c4). However, when the c4 exploded and did take some damage at exactly the time when the game crashed.

So, next time around I decided to again kill all enemies (by going left) and then I planted the C4, but made sure that I legged it from the tanks so not to be hit by any part of the blast.....it worked. This may however just be complete luck......

Anyway, why the heck should we be trying to come up with solutions, just so that we can finish the game that we have spent on hard earned cash on!

To think also that this game was delayed in the U.K. for a few months. I dread to think what it would have been like if they had released it in July as originally planned!!

Personally, I think either the publisher or developer (whoever oversaw the testing) should take a leaf from Bungie........bring a game out when it is ready....and not before.

21st Sep 2004, 13:40
i did finish the game...but, like you guys feel betrayed, ripped off, raped of my hard earned dollars. i dont even want to sell this game on ebay because i feel as if i would be stealing from someone.

point is "test your damn games"

21st Sep 2004, 15:04
An update for you guys....

We have re-created the C4 crash in level 8, and are currently looking for work-arounds, until the problem can be permanently fixed. In my play-throughs, I have found that the game crashes much more often while using the M-60 or Death Machine.

What weapon are you guys using when you plant the C4?

Are you trying to pause the game immediately after the C4 detonates?

Are you facing toward or away from the explosion?

Try switching your primary weapon to an AK-47 before planting.

Also, we have only been able to reproduce this crash if the player exits the tunnel, and moves to the right around the gas station. So make sure you move left, then approach the gas station from that side.

I did help test the Xbox version of this game, and this crash was found in a VERY early version of the game. Then it never showed up again in the 15+ play-throughs I did, plus the dozens other playthroughs done by our QA dept. The game was extensively tested by both Eidos, and Guerilla, AND Microsoft. Who, as some of you know, gives the final approval on ALL Xbox games. They did functionality testing and SSN'67 passed with flying colors. We are suspecting it may have been a mixup at the manufacturing facility. We are investigating this, and I will let you know what we turn up.

Now...with all that said and done, for those of you who are dissatisfied with SSN'67, are more than welcome to send it back to me in our Customer/Tech support dept. and I will swap it out for any other Eidos title in current release, or an unopened copy. Most stores will accept factory sealed copies for refunds, but check with the store FIRST. You will need to contact our support dept. via e-mail through our support site, or telephone (415-615-6220), and I will setup a return for you.

21st Sep 2004, 16:14
I forgot what weapon I was using during the crash(maybe the M60..not sure though) but I know I was standing maybe 10 feet from the gas tank thing. And no I wasn't trying to pause the game.

21st Sep 2004, 18:40
One more thing to try. As you exit the tunnel you get the mission objective "Eliminate All Hostiles". So, naturally most people will proceed to do that first. However, it seems that may have a part in causing the crash. Try killing most of the remaining enemy, then plant the C4. Then run away but face toward the explosion. If the game does not crash, kill the remaining hostiles, and with any luck the end-mission movie should start playing. Please let me know immediately if this works! Thanks for all your help guys. :)


21st Sep 2004, 18:45
yes that is exactly what i did and it worked...i wasn't facing the explosion tho...but, i did kill all the hostiles. i finished the game after that with no other problems. o well, still enjoyed the game...i'm done *****in. besides i love eidos and the games published and would never stop buying them....so, thanks for your help...

22nd Sep 2004, 11:41
I tested that level again and found that if i Killded all hostiles and then planted the C4, making sure that I was far away from blast AND facing it then was ok.

However, was showing the game to a mate last night and it crashed on the fort storming level for the first time.

It was the part where you first arrive at the fort (before blowing up the fort gate) and their are two guys in front of the fort on tripod mounted guns. I decided to run to the nearest tree and laid down to avoid fire. However, as soon as I took out the guy on the left mounted gun (from a prone position) the game froze with the high pitced bleep.

Next time I got to fort I decided to approach differently and was ok. Has anyone else experienced a crash when first in front of fort?

A pitty as have been enjoying the game and have completed it once already.

22nd Sep 2004, 13:12
yeah my game crashed only once other than mission 8, on that level, the Fort assult assult one. It happened after I had to take out the machine gunner at the top of the hill after blowing the tunnels. It froze, but only happened once.

22nd Sep 2004, 18:38
I just got this game yesterday and it crashed 5x already and I'm not on mission 8 yet :mad:. It crashed the in the first mission but I did not pay any attenion to what made it stop,It crashed 3x on "The Fort" mission when the F4's nape the bunkers. I was in the field and moving the view stick when the nape exploded and it froze.Reset the game and RESTARTED the mission 3x but this time I hid behind the APC tank when the nape drops. The game stuttered a bit but all was fine,so I thought I found a fix to my problem WRONG:mad:.I charge the bunkers and get into the tunnels and a real bad firefight when it froze again,My m16 had a muzzle flash,had been hit with the blood on top of the screen,the enemy had a muzzle flash,I have no memory card,and my xbox is less than a year old.So I go to your web site to see if I'm the only one with these problems, turns out I'm not. I think it freezes up when there is too much going on but hey,I'm not a developer thats just what I think.I've been waiting for Vietnam era game to come out for awhile and then just to see it have problems:( Now I'm fruastrated with the game because I have to restart when it frezes and I cant look at the cool big explosiones,I cant exchange for the ps2 version,etc...I like this game a lot but all this takes the fun out of it:( So PLEASE,PLEASE w/sprinkles on top fix this game I would definately give it a second chance. Thank you

P.S. the helicopters would look a lot better in the cut sceens if the tailrotor spun

24th Sep 2004, 15:24
That sounds like either a defective disk or a saved game corruption. I haven't had any reports of performance issues on Xbox or PS2, other than the crash on mission 8 on Xbox. Try swapping your disk out for another copy, then erase the Shellshock save profile off the Xbox hard drive. Then you can either start a new game, or use the level select cheat code below. You can skip to the level you were on.

While at the “Press Start Button” screen, enter the follow button sequence: White Button, Black Button, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Left Trigger, White Button, White Button, Black Button, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Right Trigger, Black Button. You will see a window pop up telling you the code was successfully entered. Then load your profile, and go into the mission select menu. Once there, press the X button to unlock all missions.

This also works for those of you stuck on mission 8. Just enter the code, and skip to mission 9.

28th Sep 2004, 00:01
SERIOUSLY what you all SHOULD have done, was get it on PS2, cause IT ROCKS on PS2!!!!!!

2nd Oct 2004, 02:54
I am stuck and feed up with this game...
I thought it was a little rough but it had potential.

Now I'm just sick.

My Xbox keeps crashing on the level your are trying to catch up with special forces teams. It starts out with a helicopter fly over of a city and ends with a C-4 placement at a fuel station.

Now the game crashed a few times before this level, but only in a freak occurance that didn't reproduce itself after I restarted the Xbox.

On the level I mentioned above the game has repeatedly crashed on me. At least 8 times in a row. It always happens at the end of the level either at the tunnel leading to the gas station were all the Viet Cong just keep coming or at the fuel station itself. It has crashed four times at the last tick of the C-4 count down right before the explosion (I am assuming that after the explosion the level is over).

This is really fustrating for a user who just put down 50 bucks down to give an up and coming programing team like guerrilla a chance.

Basicly I can not continue the game. Not only has my patience run out, but I just can't get by this crash. My Xbox is less than 6 months old and I have other games crash form freak situations. This is may beyond freak. This is poor testing of the enviroments.

This is also not a result of a corrupt save. I have tried playing straight through and guess what happen... BBUUZZZZZ sorry try again. Frozen screen of death.

What to do besides selling it back to the store at almost half the price I paid for it so that some other fool gets screwed.

What really surprises me that Edios distrubuted this game with so many bugs... Oh wait a second... this is the same game that released Hitman 1. That game was infected with bugs.

I've said my peace.

2nd Oct 2004, 05:36
seriously, you guys gotta lay off, come on, this is the first Vietnam war game eidos has ever released, (any type of war game, this is its first release) so this game was more like a test subject, to see how people liked it and stuff, everyone loves the vietnam theme, but the game itself, a lot of people say it needs improvements, i agree, the AI needs some help, add a jump feature, smarter enemies and friendlies, bigger squads, instead of 3 or 4 people, Dont go into special forces, just stay a grunt through the whole game, make it longer, a little more authenticity, and have a few bugs fixed. See if they make a second one, like during the tet offensive or Hue city or something, it could be a masterpiece if they just listien to the people, on what it needs!

2nd Oct 2004, 07:49
Hey Jumpin Jebus, are you guys making any progress in finding out the cause of the crashes? How are you guys planning on fixing it?

Great game, love the gore

2nd Oct 2004, 15:47
i love the game overall, just a few things needed some fixing, thats about it, besides that, its good

2nd Oct 2004, 19:03
Traded xbox game for PS2 game played the whole game no crashing

5th Oct 2004, 07:15
yeah Jumpin Jebus, I'm curious too as to what Eidos and Guerilla are doing about these problems...its been very hush hush. I mentioned the crashing problem here weeks ago after it was released in Australia and since then heaps and heaps of people have been here adding their story of frustration but you guys have offered very little in the way of help besides the old "oh it must be your xbox and save game, not our crappy development and testing" You guys seemed to have washed your hands with the game and just got it out to the market with the apparent goal of forgetting about it and hoping the consumers will too. Problem is I spent $100 on a game that is glitched up the wazoo along with a bunch of others who want value for their money, and as strangelov477 mentioned the option for many is to sell it back to EB and cut a loss. You should have recalled the game and fixed it since you have an obligation to provide a working product...and Shellshock must be just scrapping through in that department if not failing straightup.

And SgtSpecht1234 it makes absolutely no excuse for Eidos because this is their first Vietnam game. Hell I don't care if they make a game where you have to go round finding ****ty stoned Amsterdam dwelling developer nerds and beat them senseless with their own crappy product, the fact is they were tasked with making a game, not a vietnam game, but a functioning game. Subject matter is absolutely irrelevant, the fact is the product doesn't work properly. I fail to understand why people here are trying to defend the company. As consumers, people have a right to ***** and moan (like myself) when companies take them for a ride and sell to them premium priced products with bargain budget qualities. I don't care if there should have been vehicles or more weapons etc., they are just potential improvements which people suggest could make the game better or more fun. What I am saying and I want is for the game to just work like it is supposed to, and right now it doesn't coz I have another 30 games at home and none of them behave like Shellshock does.

Plus, where the hell is the responce to my e-mails to your support staff from about 3 weeks ago re: this very problem with the game? Again it seems like they are just trying to ignore the problem and not confront their disgruntled consumers about it. Great game, lousy lazy-arse development and testing.

So Jumpin Jebus, without giving us a typical PR answer, give it to us straight. What are the "big wigs" at Eidos and Guerilla proposing to do about the problem? Or is that in your minds, us 'suckers' have already bought it so bugger em....?

5th Oct 2004, 14:53
Hey guys,

To answer your question, I have to honestly say I have no idea what solutions the Eidos "powers that be" are looking into. I don't know if a recall will be announced or what. I've heard rumors, but nothing concrete. As some of you may know, it takes a LONG time for information to trickle down to CS/Tech Support. As soon as I have a definitive answer, I will let you know. Until then, all I can do is remind you all that I can return the game for you, and swap it for different Eidos title, or an unopened copy.

Sorry I don't have anything more to report. :(

12th Oct 2004, 20:47
I too have had problems with this game crashing. I'm only on the fortress level and it's beginning to become unreasonable. FYI- I have an older X box (first 6 months). Put me on a beta test team and I'd be happy to document all issues. If you'd like any additional info on my console feel free to contact me.

Jeremy Miller
18th Oct 2004, 08:02
when I come out of the tunnel on level 8, before I set the C4, it doesn't matter if I go right or left, AK47 or not, facing it whatever it, will freeze over and over.

my Xbox was manufactured in August of 2004

I feel that this game wasn't tested as well as they say!!! for so many people to be having this problem, you need more testers, and test on all the different system modifications that microsoft made, this will be overkill but you will keep you customers happy with uncrashable games and help you to keep on getting the millions you make off us. please contact if you need a few more tester for new games...I will crash, it if it will crash!!!! :cool:

7th Nov 2004, 05:14
Just in case someone is keeping crash stats, I too had crashes on ALL of the levels mentioned in the previous posts.

1. At the napalm strike on the two pill boxes (and additional machine gun emplacement) - three times

2. In front of the "Welcome To Hell" Castle - twice

3. C4 at the gas tanks. I am about to try my fifth attempt at this one.

The crashes are the only thing IMO that keep this game from being an all time fave.

Oh...and just out of curiosity...did anyone else get an instruction manual that is stapled out of order and the borders off set? The first page in the manual is page 7 and the table of contents is midway through the book...furthermore...the margins are incorrectly set and the first three letters of each line on the left side are cut off.


1st Apr 2005, 09:50
Same goes for me. I'm on the level where the aircraft napalm's the bunkers with no effect. i've actually been through the tunnels and destroyed everything, seems like it keeps freezing in the same area, right as I set the C4 to enter the POW camp. Has Edios and Guerilla ever determined what they are going to do? I just bought this game last weekend, so now I feel I wasted my money. And me being in the military thought this would have been a cool game. Any words of wisdom edios? :cool:

10th Jun 2005, 16:12
Been thru 3 copies of the game already - all have the problem - so exchanging for another copy won't do the trick...trying the turn left in stead of right hack - we'll let y'all know if it works for us...

Any other levels that have similar problems?

10th Jun 2005, 16:30
left instead of right - no help - done platesting this one, for $50 bucks, it should work...contacting CS for return/refund - not interested in another copy - been thru 3 already - this is clearly a logic bug, not hardware/burn related...