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Lara Freak
13th Sep 2004, 13:15
#1 What is the longest word that Lara said in the whole game?
Did anyone manage to notice?


#2 What the largest amount of bugs ur game could get?
Think 'bout it....


#3 Could u get all ammunition in ze' game?
Well... possible...but u never kno the amount of ammunition in the whole game....


#4 Can u not use ur weapons until ze' end of ze' game(excluding kick and punch)?
Answers' nope... even a pro could never get a crush on that...


What do u think this forum is 'bout?
Just think, I give u the time until this forum/thread collapses...

Well... maybe the question are odd and irrelevant but just think about it......

Lastly, smile:) and a word for u all out there:
Never jack out on anything ur doing (I mean it...)

:) Smiles,

Chris Daly
13th Sep 2004, 14:16
the longest word umm...Id guess.... passports
unless you mean one of those climbing groans
which if i remember is spelt

Cheers Chris

Lara Freak
13th Sep 2004, 14:21

:) smiles

Lara Freak
13th Sep 2004, 14:26
2 new questions to the collection:

#6 Why does some thread turn into junk?
This is obvious...


#7 How does one topic turn into another?
Well, I'm pretty amused of this...

:) Smiles

Chris Daly
13th Sep 2004, 14:40

2. Bugs Im on PS2 i had a bizarre falling bug in aquatic
Research nd ive had about 5 or 6 lock ups in playing
TRAOD for about a year.

3. Ammunition there are so many variables to this
I think Euro count determines hardness of the game
which might influence ammunition. I found a few spots
with ammo having been through 3 times, total
ammunition is as you point out is unknown.

4. Cant remember where kick and punch became available
I think missed training level should be more accessible
to learn these moves, weapons as you say became
progressively available , but this is expected.

5. well its short of actually meeting more socially but
its a clever way of us all talking about this game
and perhaps eidos creating a lara croft involving
our ideas - in the nicest way.

er... did I pass cheers Chris

Chris Daly
13th Sep 2004, 14:55
Im still here
6 thread to junk er... people get excited ,sad,
moody and effectively trash the thread
it takes time and patience for someone to put
the thread back on track who wants to
add quality and care to comments of the
thread originator. its a bit like a crowded room
and people talking eventually some order
weaves its way in.

7 one topic to another ... people remember experiences
in the game they like to share that extends the
boundarys of the original topic ... this is imagination
and being quite creative. Topics relate to other
topics and push the original thread topic along...
its a matter sometimes of having enough energy to
follow. I dont really see this as a problem as long as
there is some respect of the original thread, and
people bring the thread topic back to earth every
now and again.

Cheers / Chris ... whats the temperature on Mars ?

Lara Freak
14th Sep 2004, 14:39

#8 Anyone think that they could kill Everything in the game?
Erm... maybe, I dunno...


#9 Would anyone possibly play the whole game without(I mean NOTHING) using any health stuff?
What the heck... U'll die...


#10 What could possibly Lara turn into if she drinks an unknown solution?
I dunno... Let imaginations go wild noW! Instantly...

BTW, Mars is -37 celcius and my house is 24 degrees, Nice...


14th Sep 2004, 15:51
#2 seem to reemeber a lot of bugs in the research/biodome thingy

#3 no you cant get all ammo in the game, the serpant rouge for example, you can only enter by one route and as there is ammo to pick up either way you could never pick it all up.

#9 im certainly gonna give it a go, currently in the sewers and i aint so much as sniffed at a chocky bar, long way to go yet tho......

#10 an alcoholic

Chris Daly
14th Sep 2004, 23:52
Re Point 3 Tr-AOD
You can enter Serpent Rouge two ways
Bernard gives you key to the garage
or pierre gives you key to the side door
there are different pick up items in each

Cheers / Chris

15th Sep 2004, 06:27
Originally posted by Chris Daly
Re Point 3 Tr-AOD
You can enter Serpent Rouge two ways
Bernard gives you key to the garage
or pierre gives you key to the side door
there are different pick up items in each

Cheers / Chris

you have the option of entering 1 of 2 ways, you can only choose 1 so you wont get all the ammo.

#1 longest word Lara says, my money is on "information"