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12th Sep 2004, 16:16
I would be very greatfull if someone could help me out. I think I'm at the end of the Level where a ghost is charging a me screaming and there a several statues with one of them holding glowing blue thingy, as soon as I get near the statue the glowing blue thingy transfers to a different statue. What am I suppost to do?

12th Sep 2004, 16:26
ok well once u get in get down in crawl position and go around the room picking up the goodies. stand up and run around the room until u see the statue w/ the blue light. crawl as close as u can to the statue-if u get too close the blue will go away, if this happens try again. while in crawl position, take out your shotgun and every chance you get shoot at him-but stay facing the statue
. when u see the ghoust pause, run to the statue and when the hand icon apeears, hit the action key. u might need to try this a few times. if u get it save your game and CRAWL out of the room

12th Sep 2004, 16:27
Welcome aboard, stevietunes, on this your first day on the forum.

There have been many threads with "Brother Obscura" or the "Red Ghost" in the thread title. You can use the Search function to find them. With the Search function there is no waiting for a reply.

Here is one of the best of the posts you would find if you used the Search function:

Originally posted by Quillan [9/24/2003]
The way I did it, was after the cutscene, crouch immediately and crawl out to the side of the room. You can crawl around the room picking up the shotgun and shells at this point.

Find out what statue has the blue light on it. Crawl around the outside of the room until you are near that statue. Save the game. Crawl a little closer, and see if the light is still there. If so, save the game. If not, reload. Repeat until you are as close as possible to the statue without the light moving to another.

Now, quickly, when the ghost moves away, stand and recrouch, and draw your shotgun. Stay facing the statue at all times. Do not turn around to shoot at the ghost when it is behind you; you need to be able to see the statue. Now, when the ghost is in front of you, shoot it. When the ghost pauses, stand up, put away the shotgun, and RUN to the statue and hit the action key. If you have timed the pause correctly, you will be able to grab the painting.

Once you have, crouch immediately again, and double check your inventory to be SURE it is there. If it is, save the game again, and crawl out of the room and down the stairs.

12th Sep 2004, 16:39
ya basically wat i said---

12th Sep 2004, 18:33
You beat me by just one minute!

Originally posted by Quillan [9/24/2003]

If you noticed, that was an original post by Quillan almost a year ago.

I can't improve on his description from way back then.

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