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John D.
12th Sep 2004, 03:22
Ok, I have a core area where 8 computer chips sit, you begin to pull them out and after 3 or 4 a Vo trap goes off, then after all eight are gone another
vo trap plays and a locked door opens. Now if it were just one card, I could just give it a StdButton script and that would do it, but since it takes more than pulling one card alone to set things off, how do I arrange that in the simplest manner?

Also another question, where do you find the picture that shows up when you start thief? The one with Garrett in the shadows with a fire arrow that was changed in Calendra'a Legacy.

13th Sep 2004, 12:23
When you say "pull them out", I assume you mean 'pick them up and they go into your inventory'.
I also assume that you can't put the chip down again (Inventory > Can't Drop This = True) (And Inventory > Type = Item).

If those assumptions are correct then it's quite easy.

You can do it with a custom Quest Variable, and then use the action of picking up a chip and a QuestVarTrap add 1 to that variable. You can then use QuestVarTriggers to send a TurnOn message when you have a certain number of the chips.

'chips' would be a good name for the Variable, so in the command window type quest_create_mis chips, 0. To make sure it worked go to the Editors menu and click on Mission Quest Data. You should see chips 0 in there.

On each of the chips, add the StdButton script, and make sure Engine Features > FrobInfo: World Action is 'Move,Script', and make sure InvAction doesn't have script selected.

Create a QuestVarTrap and Add > Trap > Quest Var: +1:chips
Link each chip to this trap with a ControlDevice flavour.
Now, each time you pick up a chip, the quest variable is increased by 1.

Now create a QuestVarTrigger. Set the Quest Var property to >2:chips (If you want 3 chips removed to activate the trap, if you wanted 4 chips, set it to >3 ).
(Setting it to =3 will mean the trigger sends a TrunOn when you have 3, but it will send a TurnOff as soon as you have 4 or more. VO traps don't respond to TurnOff, but other traps might, so it's best to be on the safe side)
Link the trigger to the first VO trap.

Create another QuestVarTrigger and set the Qvar property to =8:chips
Link the trigger to the second VO trap.
Link the trigger to the locked door (which of course it won't unlock, it'll just open).

The picture is called 00000409.256. You can open it with any graphics program. As the extension suggests, it can only have 256 colours, but they can be any 256 colours, not just the ones from the original palette.

John D.
13th Sep 2004, 12:45
Well actually I meant that once the chips were pulled out, they would be thrown away since they dont have any loot value, let me experiment with a couple of things first. If they dont work, then I'll go ahead and make them go into inventory and use the method you created. Edit: (Here's an image to show you what I mean):)
As for the picture, what I was meaning is where is it's location in the thief files? I've been looking around with Thief media Edit and I havent found it in the intraface file or anywhere else.

John D.
13th Sep 2004, 14:30
Okay I've come up with a system that enables me to throw the chips away as shown in the picture.

1. Create a 4x4 tunnel 24 feet high.

2. Put an emitstream trap on top that shoots fire arrows

3. Block it's way with 8 mech blast shields adjusted to 4x4 size

4. link each shield to one of the cards, make sure each card has the StdButton script and Frob info set to World action: Move, Script

5. Put a spider on the bottom of the shaft with the script TrigSlain added
(you can also set it's hit points to 1 and put an explosive charge with it to make sure it stays down!:rolleyes: )

6. Control device link the spider to the locked door and to the final VO trap.

Pull cards and presto-the final voice sounds and the locked door opens!:D

As for the first 3 or 4 triggering a vo-trap I'm working on that one right now.:)

John D.
13th Sep 2004, 18:58
Okay I finally found the picture (right in the main directory duh!):p
but I seem to be having difficulty in opening it in a viewer, adobe photoshop doesnt recognize the extention and infraview wont save it in the .256 format?!:confused:

13th Sep 2004, 19:32
Well if you want the player to be albe to drop them and pick them up again, instead of linking each chip to the QVar, create 8 RelayTraps (1 for each chip). Link the chip to the RT, then the RT to the QVar. Each RT needs the property: Script > TrapControlFlags: Once.

Now you can pick up each chip as many times as you like, the QVar will only increase by 1 the first time you pick up each chip (to remove it from the socket).

(Unless the it's possible to put the chips back into the sockets....:p )

Fred Thiefstone
13th Sep 2004, 22:07
Here is a techneic that I used.

1. Like R Soul said in the command window type quest_create_mis chips,0

2. Create a QuestVarTrap and Add > Trap > Quest Var: +1:chips

3. Create a QuestVarTrigger and Add > Trap > Quest Var:=4:chips
CD it to your first VO Trap.

4. Create another QuestVarTrigger and Add > Trap >Quest Var: =8:chips
CD it to your Second VO Trap and to your Door.

5. Create 8 of your chips in the blue room. These will be used for the player’s inventory.

6. Create one of your chips.
Add > S > Scripts: Delete all scripts and then add the Container
script. Check Don’t Inherit.
Add >Schema > Class Tags: Blank it out and press Ok.
Add > Engine Features > FrobInfo: World Action = Script, Delete
Inv Action = (None) Tool Action = (None)

7. Now Clone this for a total of 8. These are the ones the player will see.

8.CD link them to the QuestVarTrap. Also do a Contains link to a corresponding chip that is in the blue room.

When the player frobs one of these chips it will send a TurnOn signal to the QuestVarTrap (which will increment the chips variable by 1). It will then move the chip from the blue room to the player’s inventory after which it will destroy its self. Since the chip from the blue room has no special scripts or anything the player can do with it as he pleases.
When the chips variable reaches 4 the first VO trap will play. When it reaches 8 the second one will play and the door will open.

14th Sep 2004, 04:17
Originally posted by John D.
Okay I finally found the picture (right in the main directory duh!):p
but I seem to be having difficulty in opening it in a viewer, adobe photoshop doesnt recognize the extention and infraview wont save it in the .256 format?!:confused: Change the extension to .bmp and open normally. :p

John D.
14th Sep 2004, 12:57
Okay I can open it in Adobe now, but how do I save it in the .256 format?

Edit: OMG! Fred's system works perfectly!! :eek: :D
I have absolutley no idea how qvar systems work (or conversations for that matter) but it works.:cool:

John D.
16th Sep 2004, 12:14
Ok, no matter how many times I try to change the name of the file to end with .256 it still shows up as a bmp file.

16th Sep 2004, 21:43
Is Windows hiding the extensions of known file types?
(Tools menu > Folder Options > View tab).
If it is, when you change a filename you won't be able to change the extention (not using the Rename funtion anyway). If you rename 00049 (bmp with hidden extension) to 00049.256, the actual filename will be 00049.256.bmp

Either turn off the 'hide extensions' option, or open it in Adobe and go to File > Save As, and change the filename to "00049.256" (using the double quotes).

John D.
17th Sep 2004, 01:20
Yep that was it, I made the adjustment and I was able to fianally get the extension changed. Thanks!:D