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12th Sep 2004, 00:01
Since Windows 2000 recognizes the Logitech optical mouse, I was using the Microsoft mouse drivers that come with Windows 2000 without question. It seemed to work fine. I recently noticed, when testing my new computer, that Thief 2 seemed to be kind of awkward in its behavior with rapid mouse movements. On testing further, I learned that if you move very rapidly left or right past a certain point (the edge of a frame?), then the view jumps back to its original left-right location. So I installed Logitech's Mouseware drivers, and this problem ceased. The behavior of the mouse seems much smoother now.

Then I went back to my old computer, and I found that it had had this same problem all along. I had been playing Thief with a crippled mouse for years! Mousewere cured that one, too. :)

So, the lesson is, don't be complacent with Microsoft drivers. Go to the manufacturer's web site, and you might do better.

15th Sep 2004, 00:08
Hmm.... I guess it wasn't all that interesting.:rolleyes: Never mind.;)

15th Sep 2004, 03:19
Guess not.

It's usually a good idea to use the proper drivers for your hardware, though.

There's an advanced config program for some logitech mice, which is available at the logitech site, although I'm not sure where exactly it is.