View Full Version : No rear channel audio with Audigy 2

9th Sep 2004, 16:39
I ran the OpenAL installer that comes with the game, but can't get any audio out of the rear speakers. Changing the setting in the config file that says "3DAudio = on" doesn't help. That allows the music, and sound effects to play through the front speakers like before (even the voice of squadmates if you shoot them) but you then lose the audio of the commander telling you where to go.

I've installed the most recent Audigy 2 drivers (including the one for EAX 4.0). In the Creative Speaker Settings utility is reports 4.1 speakers and the synch with control panel option is checked. The "Channels" test plays out of all four speakers and other games use them, so I know they are working.

**EDIT** Nevermind, somehow I got it to work. I re-installed my drivers and did the AutoUpdate again. Now I have audio in the rear, but it isn't positional (LT is behind me talking, but I still hear him in front). Guess that's a limitation of OpenAL.

Changing the setting to "3DAudio = On" still drops the LTs voice though.