View Full Version : Shellshock Nam 67 UK and US Ratings (IMPORTANT)!!!

9th Sep 2004, 09:44
I just looked at some stuff and its bugging me. UK has the rating 18+ and US and Canada has in Mature. Whats going on? is in different, more violent, more content, in the UK? or do we just have a different rating system. Please answer, this has been buggin me for a week!

9th Sep 2004, 10:11
Mature is the equivalent of UK 18.

UK uses BBFC and Pegi for age ratings. BBFC handles movies etc in UK and also games too, Pegi is just games.

Its a complicated system how they work out the rating.

10th Sep 2004, 15:30
Hey Ware, think of the UK 18 and Mature ratings as being equal to an "R" rated movie here in the states.