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9th Sep 2004, 04:33
ok, so it came out a week earlier than specified, so I left work early, rode to my local EB in the rain to get it, rode back.
Turned it on, cranked it and watched the intro (pretty cool)
Main title screen, music kicks in, I'm cheering, getting really psyched. make a profile, stamp me dog tags, choose my grunt, choose hard to make it more realistic, and get ready for my first mission.

Now this was ment to be realistic, but instead of going straight to base camp, your thrown directly in a firefight with a crap arsed grease gun (grab an aK). Ok, so it went for shock tactics, but I find it highly unusal that some one would arrive in country and not even have time to unpack before being thrown to the wolves. anyway getting sidetracked. back to the mission.
stalking through the jungle, we get sprung, we fight back, or rather I do. my team mates, altho helpful, cant really kill anyhting, which I find surprising, because the VC are coming at us like world war 1 style trench warfar. we cut them down, eventually. its amazing how rugged a Vietnamiese's bodies is, how it can withstand 3 to 4 7.62mm rounds and still fight back. Oh heaps realistic.
We continue on, more VC, once again in packs of about 5 charging right at us, I get shot, a few times, infact, in reality my guts would be spewing all over the ground. never mind its just a game. a grenade icon lands near me, I get up to run, well try to run, this dudes top speed is like 10 k an hour, (and thats when sprinting), but I'm stuck in some pissy little ditch and cant get over it. it goes off. I expect to see a 'game over' screen. But instead, I'm fine, once again I'm amazed at how resilient humans are, eventually kill off the vc . reach a check point. and get absolutly shredded by this fixed gun emplacment. restart from check point, same thing again. restart, same thing. this goes on for like 10 or so minutes with me either running out of ammo, or getting stuck on ridges or being flanked by the damn VC. So many damn VC, its like a bloody river, they just dont stop.
Until I realise, I have to blow a tunnel up. eventually I get in, and the flood stops, almost magically. I blow up the tunnel, this rookie grunt can set shaped charges, and fight of the entire VC single handedly (cause my team mates, who rightly should be dead but also seem to posses amazing healing powers, did nothing at all).

Anyway, I could keep going on. But you should all get my point by now.
This game has nowhere lived up to what I hyped it up to be. I feel so let down. It is nowere realistic. you can even step on boobie traps on hard and still be wallking around.
Sure it has its violence to it, which I think is quite realistic, arms and heads exploding, people being shredded by grenades. But I think this was mainly a cover up for what is really a pretty average shooter. It has its good points, but I think the negatives out weigh them big time. the lack of surround sound, the idiotic 'cliff' rule (were you cant run up a ledge), the slowness of it all (it feels like an effort to move anywhere), the game mechanics of how it is run. I think its further form the truth than it is closer.

Now for someone who wasnt as excited by this title as I was, wont probably care at all. infact they will probably find it lots of fun. But for someone who wanted a realistic look at the vietnam war. I think you will be majorly dissapointed.

9th Sep 2004, 04:58
thankz for your input

10th Sep 2004, 17:56
Where did my post on this thread go?

10th Sep 2004, 19:30
nobody knows... dun dun dunnnnnnn

11th Sep 2004, 02:26
PS2 version sounds exactly like the PC game (d'oh really!), i was to exstremly disappointed with ShellShock.

Ahh but what can you do..
Could take a look at Conflict Vietnam, but .. nah!