View Full Version : Who's returning

8th Sep 2004, 15:57
i, like most, am still unsure about anything on TR7, do we know yet if any older characters are returning, like that vicar guy, Pierre and what about her butler? oh wait! if they bring back her house they'll bring him back aswell!

8th Sep 2004, 16:01
read a post in the tr community section it tells u what the creators might plan to do in the next game, a mod should link that post here

Lara Freak
8th Sep 2004, 16:09
No one is RETURNING except....... leave it a mystery...

9th Sep 2004, 03:03
As long as the "real" Lara returns i will be happy, not that look a like we had in AOD :mad:

9th Sep 2004, 03:48
Since they'r starting fresh, there is no reason to include "wortless" characters from AOD.

Lara Freak
9th Sep 2004, 13:26
lara's coming back......
never let AOD characters come into the way................

9th Sep 2004, 13:38
the only thing i would like to return from aod is all of laras weapons:D

Lara Freak
9th Sep 2004, 14:04
I want all weapons from tr and cs if possible.........

9th Sep 2004, 15:54
ooooooh! the thing i would do if they didnt give her back her backpack and pistols! (twin pistols!!!!!!!!!!!!) :mad: