View Full Version : Mouse Lag

6th Sep 2004, 13:39
Anyone else getting mouse lag? I have quite a delay before the cursor moves and i`ve tried different settings for the mouse in the menu, this is what Far Cry was like if i tried to run it at very high settings, drop Far Cry to high settings and its fine, drop Shellshock to low settings and no change at all!

P4 3.0
128mb geforce fx 5600
65.73 Drivers (Signed)
SP 2
DirectX 9.0c

6th Sep 2004, 14:08
sometimes, its not oftern though, and its not that bad for me. so i dont have to worry. it'll be fixed in the patch.

6th Sep 2004, 14:54
I have 0 lag, 0 crashes everythign works fine.

AMD Athlon 64 bits 3200
512mb ram
Ati radeon 9800 Pro
Windows XP