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5th Sep 2004, 21:30

I'm a huge total war fan piqued by this new game:) I'm particularly impressed by the sea battles screenshots!!. I have number of questions therefore:

1. How many soldiers are there in a unit? per army? per battle (allowed)?
2. How many provinces/cities are there?
3. Is the campaign linear or open-ended?
4. Do generals have identifiable qualities?
5. How do you fight the sea battles? eg. how many ships per battle, ammo types, boarding other ships, sea movements/division etc.
6. Is there an economy? eg. trades, taxes etc.
7. How many unit types are there? Special units?

That's all for now, thanks.

5th Sep 2004, 23:51
Check out the faq...

6th Sep 2004, 12:32
I am another so called Total War "vet" multiplayer.
Sorry but in the FAQ I didnt find the answer to this question:

7. How many unit types are there? Special units?

6th Sep 2004, 19:33
not announced, but they said there will be some.

7th Sep 2004, 05:28
1) how will this game play?
i keep on hearing about missions.

is it going to be more like total war, were you start with a country and do what ever you want.
or is it goint to be more like Praetorians, wre you are given mission.?

2) 53 provinces?
does each contry get only one province? that's the impression i get from the screen shots

7th Sep 2004, 06:28
Think total war in most ways.

As for provinces, no. If you look, there are lines within countries to represent provinces, and 53 provinces for the entire europe might not be great, but it's good enough, and will minimize the cumbersomeness of games like Victoria.

7th Sep 2004, 07:11
sounds excellent. in my opitnion Total War has to many provinces, not to mentin Victoria (i still don't know how to play the game)

how about soldier on the field. i know that 2000 is the max. does that mean that thre is a reserve system?
or does that mean that the units are scaled down in battle to keep the number under 2000?

7th Sep 2004, 16:26
I can agree that Victoria maybe has too many, but I think Imperial G has too few. Needs to be a balance between I think, I"m not horrified by the number, but would like to see more. Still though, no worries...if the games good , the games good.......thats all I'm worried about!

Long Live Prussia!

7th Sep 2004, 20:52
Great so far guys!

While watching the trailer (fantastic music btw), I noticed the overall map with multiple unit banners per region. Now does that represent different battle grounds? Or is it like early Total War, 1 region - 1 battleground?

Fifty three provinces is small I agree. Yet Shogun had about 60 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So long as you can't push from one province to another with ease (MTW), then the gameplay will be rich.

Although, I hope they can push it up a little more if it is 1 region-1 battle ground.:p

8th Sep 2004, 05:35
here's an idea, as you know Napoleon gave away kingdoms to his relatives, and marshalls. As such, perhaps a Crusader Kings system of vassals, or some similar "puppet" state system could be very nice, creating more provinces, but compinsating by the ability to hand over the power in some of them to important people, as such making them worry about things like defense, development, and internal politics, as well as perhaps the attacks of other nations, when you order it. Could also perhaps an element of inbependence, if the leader grows too powerful.

11th Sep 2004, 04:14
I'm a little worried if easily winning a province defeats any strategic depth that is built-in in the game.

What will happen is you just build continuosly and roll over the enemy. The game will be finished in no time


11th Sep 2004, 04:22
Ever heard of money ?

You need it.

Have you ever played a strategy game ? It is impossible to build an unlimited army because of various ways of limiting that from housing limits in AoE-type games, to penalties regarding attrition and other things in paradox games.

11th Sep 2004, 04:29
Yes. I played STW - pacing was great (koku was just right).

MTW - too much florins. Non-stop attacks invasions.