View Full Version : Gunsounds and explosions

5th Sep 2004, 19:10
I took reception of Shellshock yesterday, installation went without any problems.

It looks great, plays nicely. Takes a bit of getting used to for a 1st person shooter fan like me but I definitely like it.

There's a small problem though, I think it's my hardware. When I play the game I can hear the speeches, background noise (birds and such, shots in the distance). But if I fire one of the weapons, or a grenade gets tossed, enemy fire or the weapon of friendly forces I can't hear those sounds. They're not audible..

Anybody knows about this or recognizes it?

My set up, even though basic.....meets the minimum...but I think it's my soundcard that might be the problem.

AMD 1200 Tbird
256 megs RAM
40 Gig HD 7200RPM
BENQ DVD drive
FX5200 graphics w/128mb ram drivers 56.64
Creative labs SB 128 pci
DirectX 9.0b
speakersetup stereo (2.0)

I already the the 3d sound option set to on in the .ini file.

Thanks in advance for any help.....


6th Sep 2004, 10:04
Solved.....it's my soundcard and its inability to handle 3d sound...no problems with the SB live! I borrowed from a friend.

Thank for all the views......:rolleyes: