View Full Version : ingame sound stutters. music allright

5th Sep 2004, 17:23
I have major problems with the sound in this game. The fx and speech stutters terribly, the music sounds just fine.
I installed the latest drivers for soundcard, Realtek AC 97, and even reinstalled directx after that, but didn't help.
Even tried the "trick" from Eidos itself and edited the ini file of the game and set 3d sound = on. But then I got no sound at all.
Tried the installation of OpenAL a couple of times but it still didn't help.
Anyone has the solution ?

5th Sep 2004, 17:37
its probably the software. there has been an endless stream of complaints about the whole game.... just wait until a patch comes out and just patch it up..... you could have went to easy way and just got the xbox version. you dont have to worry about that stuff w/ the console versions :-D. but yea... just need a patch most likely.

5th Sep 2004, 21:12
allright, found the problem/solution myself.
I have a small programm running called pcalert for keeping an eye on the cpu and system heat, etc.... When I close this program, no more soundproblems. Apparantly both programms want to use the same memory-range or something. And I thought this would't be a problem anymore with XP !
So if anyone else has a problem with sound with this game, try to close down the programms you have running either in startup or background.
Eidos does states in the readme-file to close down all other programms, even virusscanners ! Just close them down one by one untill you find the one giving the problems.