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5th Sep 2004, 09:12
Ok, read through some reviews and impressions, and i must say i am suprised over the variations!

Some say the graphics are great, some say they suck

Some say the A.I is good, some say it really really stinks.

Some say the level design and missions are good, some say they are poorly made and are very linear!

Some say the game is realistic in terms of gameplay, some say its just running-while-jumping-and-shooting all the way..

So.. lol.. can anyone clear up alittle?

5th Sep 2004, 13:44
I've seen better graphics before, to tell the truth. Ok, it don't has to be Doom3 or Farcry graphic, but the textures look pretty lo res and the model detail could be from 2003 or even 2002.
A.I. is sometimes really chewing on my nerves, because your teammates don't look where you shoot at and run into your gunfire very often. Enemys are standing there without a move, watching you killing themselves, or u simply keep firing your gun straight ahead and wait for the VCs running into your bullets blindly one after one, and so on. For me, it's pretty hard to get a feeling of realism while playing this game. Moreoften, i feel like playing SoF2 with a vietnam setting. Maybe i'm playing this game the wrong way, who knows...
The game has some nice features (like the basecamp), but i've played better vietnam games before.

This is just my personal opinion, and i wonder, what other people think of this game.

B.t.w. excuse my english.

5th Sep 2004, 14:28
Originally posted by Earth657
some say its just running-while-jumping-and-shooting all the way..

The one who said that didn't play it. You can't jump!!

Sometimes you have to continue but there is a tree lying down in the way, and you have to walk towards it and check everywhere for this 1 tiny spot where you can WALK over it. There is no way to jump over it, even if it's just smaller than a rat.

5th Sep 2004, 16:08
hmm, my expectations aint very high for this game anymore.. lol.. sounds promising from what the producers state, but what players say kinda oposes it all!

lol, watched the trailer where you are supposed to block the tunnel entrance, and i thought it was rather funny while thinking this game is supposed to show the war through a soliders eyes, and there he is running'n gunning around in circles like some ├╝ber rambo! lol

5th Sep 2004, 16:21
Well, how rambo is this!!

In hte mission before the last mission, you can pick a really cool machine gun from the shooting range, with some sort of an ammo pack on your back, 1000 bullets!! And man, that thing is accurate for a heavy mg and it really mows down the enemy!! It blows off heads and legs like if it's nothing!

There were like 150-200 troops we took down by just the 4 of us at the temple! :-P. Ohh look there are 6 others, and in 4 seconds they all went down!

But the game is good, don't get me wrong! It's very good! Best Vietnam game ever.

But I think it's a bit exeggarated (or how is that spelled)... you see tortured and mutilated civilians everywhere, and body parts and heads on spikes, dead mutilated US troops in prison camps and rooms in the city.

5th Sep 2004, 18:07
to whoever said there were mixed reviews about the A.I. I have not read one review that said the A.I. is good.

5th Sep 2004, 18:36
Okay then here's a review about the AI being good.

In the end mission I have to defend basecamp. After pulling back to the command post, they are surrounding us from all sides. I rely on my buddies to cover my back and chose to shoot at one area. I keep looking that way, and the AI friendlies are killing the other sides (they had to, because otherwise I would end up dead).

The AI friendlies are capable of killing lots of enemies. I can rely on them. When I take cover while under attack and i am almost dead i sometimes sit it out, and the friendly AI handles the situation nicely.

Now te enemy AI, they take cover, they shoot, they attack with multiple troops at a time. They throw grenades when they come in handy, they use their rpg's.

There are lots of ambushes (but that's scripted not AI).

Overall the AI is good enough for me.

5th Sep 2004, 18:38
Sorry double post. D*mn lagg

5th Sep 2004, 21:06
SO the AI is nothing like Call of Duty allies?

5th Sep 2004, 21:16
Well, they kill more enemies in this game than the AI in CoD.

But in CoD they behaved more realistic, with taking cover and stuff. And they acted more scripted, which made it look like realistic movements.

In this game, the AI follows you around, and when in combat they do take uhmm what's that word... they go in by themselves. But it doesn't have the realistic movement feeling CoD has.

5th Sep 2004, 21:55
hobbit what would you say the replay value is?

5th Sep 2004, 22:25
Hmmm, well I finished the game, and I can't say I want to play through it again. Though there are some missions I want to play again (like the last one, that was really cool).

But I still have a feeling I have seen it all and done it all. But my mauser rifle wants more! I WANT AN ADDON!!

I have to say, shooting with the mauser in this game gives me the feeling of the good old call of duty and medal of honour days. The difference is, it is not shoot and direct impact, you see the bullet flying and hitting the enemy (sometimes they get mutilated by the shot, and/or you see blood flying through the air.). This gives it a far more realistic feeling than in MoHaa or CoD.

In short: I want to play some missions again, but overall the replay value FOR ME isn't that high. But that's personal of course.

Things that make the replay value higher;
- Trying to collect ALL the insigna (trophies) from each mission;
- Trying out different approaches (stealth or rambo style);
- Setting a higher difficulty level;
- Trying to get nice stats (head shot percentage, 1 shot 1 kills only etc.);
- Just blow off some real life steam by picking the heavy machine gun with the ammo pack (1000 rounds) and start blowing away (in the game of course).

Ohh and the "boom boom" with the girls at basecamp has a HIGh replay value... (just kidding couldn't resist)

And now I go to bed! L8er!

6th Sep 2004, 03:37
Well thats good for me, im gonna buy it for sure, but all's i'd want to do is like play the 1st mission over, when your sent right out into the battlefield as a rookie, thats gonna be Awesome...

6th Sep 2004, 04:45
i want to play any f'in level at this point.... im desperate man

6th Sep 2004, 04:53
Yeah me to...but when i get it, im probably just gonna be doing the 1st level over......and over............and over............and over........and over............and over........

6th Sep 2004, 15:18
But i want to go into town on the villagers!!

6th Sep 2004, 17:43
and over.............................and over...........................................and over........................wow...im never gonna get this outta my head...............

6th Sep 2004, 17:45
The last mission is the best.

Where you have to defend your basecamp, i pick a mauser rifle and play it on easy and instead of doing the mission (save the nurses) I just shoot till I drop dead. Really awesome!!

6th Sep 2004, 17:47
i just want to do the first one, i love that, your a fresh rook, and your sent right out into the fight ya know

6th Sep 2004, 17:52
but what if your stuck with a bad gun on the first level and i dont want to pick up no NVA weapon.

6th Sep 2004, 17:54
God damn.... I'd rather start with an M14 myself than a dumbas* MP40 "grease gun"

6th Sep 2004, 18:00
the grease gun is insane for close combat.... it spits out so many bullets so quickly... ill probably use it.... Even though soldiers didnt use the m14 on auto often because of how inaccurate it was on auto, i hope you can still switch to full auto on it.... which brings up my next question.... can you switch through diff. fire modes (i.e auto & semi)?

6th Sep 2004, 18:02
yeah, in Call of Duty, the Nazi's use the grease gun (i like to call it MP40) and them will kill ya quickly....

6th Sep 2004, 20:51
I remember the Lt saying something about switching firing modes in the first mission, but I haven't tried and found it out, so dunno. I can't remember a key set for that either.

7th Sep 2004, 00:23
Originally posted by SgtSpecht1234
God damn.... I'd rather start with an M14 myself than a dumbas* MP40 "grease gun" lol
the mp40 wasnt the grease gun. you wanted to say m3a1 in sure.

7th Sep 2004, 00:28
Originally posted by CKY1709
the grease gun is insane for close combat.... it spits out so many bullets so quickly... ill probably use it.... Even though soldiers didnt use the m14 on auto often because of how inaccurate it was on auto, i hope you can still switch to full auto on it.... which brings up my next question.... can you switch through diff. fire modes (i.e auto & semi)? the grease gun did not have a high rate of fire (rof). it was like "pop pop pop pop pop" it only fired 350-450 rpm. but rof isnt an issue w/ the grease gun thanks to its delayed blowback and .45 rounds.

7th Sep 2004, 00:32
Originally posted by SgtSpecht1234
yeah, in Call of Duty, the Nazi's use the grease gun (i like to call it MP40) and them will kill ya quickly.... the grease gun was an american issued smg. not german. the mp40 was this gun http://www.a-human-right.com/RKBA/smg/mp40bottom.jpg

jeezes ppl get your facts right!!!! J/K


7th Sep 2004, 00:42
I always thought that they shot really fast...... maybe im wrong but it seems to be a fast rate of fire...

7th Sep 2004, 02:05
The MP40 and grease gun look identical, only the grease gun has a collapsable stock, i dunno, they look pretty much the same to me, and the US must have adopted the same idea from germany, cause the grease gun and MP 40 look the same...

7th Sep 2004, 04:32
the grease gun was an evolution of the m1a1 thompson. it was too heavy and had a lot of recoil. they then made the grease gun w/ less recoil and made it much lighter.

7th Sep 2004, 05:18
I really really really wanted this game to kick ass but I hate to break it to everyone waiting for the pc version...but it is pretty much a big let down. The game isnt even half realistic, I mean Vietcong was 10x better than this. I have to shoot people over and over before they die, sometimes they even get back up after shooting them. Im sorry but if you get shot with a decent size gun your not going to just jump right back up and act like nothing happened. The game is also a big resource hog, if you dont have a pretty killer system then buy the xbox version cause its a dog on my system which is a 2.6 xp chip 1gig of ram and a 5700 ultra card. There is really not that much gore, I was expecting a lot more and the models arent really anything to right home about. I've only played a little of it but I'm really bummed right now...

7th Sep 2004, 16:38
yea well.... leave it for the smart people to get the xbox version :D :D

7th Sep 2004, 18:43
SAME here im gettin it for x-box

7th Sep 2004, 18:46
The enemies and other team members spawn into the game which is really lame. Nothing worse than seeing people just pop onto the screen in front of you.

7th Sep 2004, 19:17
that just means more people to kill :D
GOIN to play MOV until work at 4 ill post at 9

7th Sep 2004, 20:52
MOV? men of valor? that game came out already??? i thought it comes out in october.... wow, lots of grammar errors there

7th Sep 2004, 21:50
He is most likely talking about the demo, which I thought was ok. I really hate EA for forcing developers to censor there games in order for EA to publish them. So MOV has no blood/gore which is pretty lame. Also for a 500meg + download the demo is super short.

7th Sep 2004, 22:07
my mistake I was talking about Metal of Honor Pacific Assault. Metal of Valor looks kick ass and is rated M for blood and gore.

8th Sep 2004, 01:27
its not metal of valor its men of valor:vietnam war.... such a nasty game... even in the demo there is blood bursting from every NVA and VC:D

8th Sep 2004, 02:50
Yeah Men of Valor demo rocks....but shellshock will be really good........even better...........

8th Sep 2004, 07:24
:p im not so sure about that one Sarge...lol im still gonna get Shellshock but now i've changed my mind and i think MOV will be way better...but HEY who am I to say? Ya know what im sayin' we'll just have to wait for SSN'67 and MOV to come out and we'll see then! :cool:

8th Sep 2004, 22:57
yeah, we cant have any verdicts untill the games come out! :D