View Full Version : Editing the model of an existing AI

John D.
4th Sep 2004, 15:35
I was wanting to take the model of the Mechfem guard and redo it to make two new ones, A mech girl that has a dive helmet/backpack like the male frogman model and a girl with an ss2 type pistol in her hand. Since no one seems to be into making stuff like that, what programs would I need to do it myself and how difficult is it to use?:confused:

John D.
8th Sep 2004, 01:28

8th Sep 2004, 16:17
You can probably use Anim8or, which is free and quite versatile once you get used to it.
You need to find the relevant .e files in mesh.crf and convert them to .3ds

I reckon you'd need to a bit of copy & pasting between files to take bits from one mesh and put them on the other.

It's very important to get the naming correct.

I don't have any experience with this sort of thing, but here's a tutorial on making biped meshes:

Hopefully it will be of some relevance.