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4th Sep 2004, 11:28
Yes I just bought the game and played the first mission and the game looks great. There are a few bugs in it like your supposed to follow the Lt but is if you don't go first everybody seems to stay put. And you have to hit them to many times in the chest before they fall dead.

PS : nurse jane is mine :-p so hands of her

4th Sep 2004, 11:38
so dude whats the base camp like man??
oh so can you write on the helmets or what?
Hows the customizing your character thing is that cool??
is it anything like full metal jacket or Platoon?? alright cool man i asked alot of questions im out peace

4th Sep 2004, 12:02
Customising characters? Hmm I gotta check that out, I could pick from 3 different characters, didn't see any customisation button but i could have missed it.

Base camp is nice. But there are too few soldiers running around. There are also some stationary guns but you can't use them (maybe there is a base camp defend mission that would be really cool).

The huey helicopters look pretty good. And i basecamp i saw an apache lookalike helicopter flying over, there are some soldiers walking and you can talk to some of them.

The vehicles and tents look really realistic.

4th Sep 2004, 13:05
indeed you can only choose out of 3 and you can not write on the helmet maybe there will be a mod or something for it dunno. Yea i only played mission 1 zo i don't no much of the game yet but mission 1 is a walk in the park

4th Sep 2004, 13:50
A rambo style walk in the park. I got hit a lot and still lived on, and the enemies must be hit often before they die as well. All the AI friendlies were acting like rambo as well, not dying when ambushed by dozens of enemies.

4th Sep 2004, 14:29
still sounds fun

4th Sep 2004, 22:11
yeah, be grateful you guys have it now