View Full Version : Custom weapon question

3rd Sep 2004, 02:22
I have all of the files in the right place, but for some reason the weapon does not show up when I select it in game mode. Any ideas?

John D.
3rd Sep 2004, 11:07
Is this something you made or is it a custom object downloaded form another site (Low Poly Guild for example?)

3rd Sep 2004, 11:13
Yes I just discovered the Low Poly Guild and have downloaded probably more than half of the thief-related stuff on there.

John D.
3rd Sep 2004, 13:40
Which object is it? I might have to download it to try to see if I can duplicate what you're talking about, then I might be able to figure out a solution.:)

3rd Sep 2004, 16:26
It's the sword simply known as swordx by Targa. I think I got the sword itself from Targa's site.

I think I found out what the problem is, I must have did something with the limb model armsw2 because that sword used the same name. I will try unzipping again.

John D.
4th Sep 2004, 22:00
Did re-unzipping work?:)