View Full Version : thief 2 and XP service pack 2

1st Sep 2004, 23:24
oddities, I can get thief to run through dromed, and I can run darkloader and play fan missions through thief, but i can't get the official missions to run, thief crashes with that 00005 error when opening an official mission.

The only other oddity is that the programs that stopped running under service pack 1 now work again, I didn't unstall them because they were registered.

2nd Sep 2004, 00:58
after i got SP2 my comp wa SO messed up. so i flashed BIOS and everything works fine again. either reinstall BIOS or find some other fix if you have SP2 probs. worked for me.

26th Sep 2004, 12:23
I solved my own problem, It was those damn missflag files in the string directory not disappearing when you uninstall a thief mod.

Flashing bios seams a bit risky, as you can kill your computer dead, at that point, so it will never return until you get a new bios chip or motherboard if the thing is welded in.