View Full Version : Nevada first in TR3? Why?

Yahiko Li
1st Sep 2004, 20:13
The first time I played it, I went to Nevada first, but I just picked it up ramdomly. Now I'm about to play it again, and read somewhere that is better to play this level first. Why is that?

1st Sep 2004, 20:35
As you'll probably remember, Lara gets stripped of everything except for one savegame crystal and one small medikit after the first level of this section. Tackling Nevada first means you have the rest of this section, with South Pacific and London in their entirity to build up your stocks of ammo, medikits and crystals for the mega-hard levels of Antarctica and the boss fight with Willard's spider thingy.

In earlier games in the series the moment when Lara got robbed was of less importance because she was only deprived of her weapons. Here though they take all the ammo too, plus everything else. ( How in the living name of arse do you rob someone of a savegame crystal?:confused: )

First time I played the game I played Nevada after South Pacific, and London and Antarctica were much harder because of lack of supplies.

Yahiko Li
2nd Sep 2004, 22:09
Thanks, now I see. I don't know why I didn't realize that before.

So, I guess better bite the bullet now that later, right?

3rd Sep 2004, 00:17
It helps to do it sooner rather than later.
I had to play City of Tinnos and Meteorite Cavern with no save crystals last time. This time I played Nevada first and I've completed the South Pacific and the first level in London; my stores are back up to 20 crystals and 76 Desert Eagle rounds. Willard is gonna be a whole lot easier to trash this time round.