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1st Sep 2004, 17:02
Just to reiterate what has been posted previously. Shellshock 'Nam 67 will require a DVD-Rom in order to install and play. The game will be shipping on a DVD disk, and regular CD/CD-RW drives will not be able to read it. K?;)

5th Oct 2004, 23:26
My copy of the game included a message giving an address to mail the DVD-ROM disks to, saying that CD-ROMS would be mailed the next bussiness day after they were received. I mailed mine off 2 weeks ago and have received nothing back yet and according to this post I will not get them. Am I screwed or what?

5th Oct 2004, 23:30
No you are not "screwed". We just received the CD-Rom replacement versions yesterday. Your package should be on it's way to you by Friday.

On a side note, I would really like to break the thumbs of the person who wrote that little paper in the PC version of the game. Who ever thought a support deparmtnet with only 2 employees would be able to process over 50 packages a day, and do all our other jobs, oughta be drug out into the street and shot. :mad:

I know the paper says 1 business day, and I apologize. 1 day is an unrealistic time period. Be patient, and we will get them back to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

...and remember....you should ALWAYS read the system requirements before purchasing any piece of software.

5th Oct 2004, 23:35
Thanks much. No one I talked with there could give me any info. Can't wait to play. Thanks again.

5th Oct 2004, 23:37
I'm curious who you spoke with, as I am the only person who answers the phones and e-mails. BTW if your first name is Brian, and you are from Florida, I think I sent your package out today. PM me if you want me to check for certain.

12th Dec 2004, 02:43
My wife got me the wrong format (DVD), and I sent it to EIDOS on 10 November. I recieved the cd ROM version back TODAY, 11 December, so hang in there. Good things come to those who wait.:cool:

David Davidson
31st Dec 2004, 23:19
Jebus, I am hoping that you can help me resolve this problem that many people including myself are having with pc version. I have called edos I have tried this forums board and some people have tried to help still no anwser. $45 later.

from forum Crash to re Boot

I have had this problem for the start and in an effort to resolve I have spent hundreds of $ to upgrade my system (new vid card, FX5500) new power pack 450 and the game still crashes when I hit the play. I get a slight glimps of three soldiers in a field and then crash. I have called Eidos, "oh we will get back to you" never happens. what do I do now? I have downloaded all the latest drivers from Nvidia. I am running xp, 1280 Ram, 80 Gig, DVD ROM.

Game loaded ok, goes through the start up, lets me choose a character, type in name in dog tags. Goes through intro. click on play ....spinning skull......1/2 second of game and then crash.
Same thing every single time crashes same place as soon as the game starts.

sound blaster live with updates loaded

30th Mar 2005, 00:51

My name is Joe and I live in Richmond IN. I was wondering if you could tell me if you have mailed my disks out yet, it has been over a month. I understand being buried under all that work...just I'm psyched about playing the game.