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75th Ranger
1st Sep 2004, 17:02
I have been looking at the forum for quite sometime and i was wondering when we will get updated information from the actual personnel at Eidos.
I'm an Army Ranger veteran and i'm looking foward to this game because of the realism that was express in the news flashes.
i would like to know if you can do the following things in the game:

1- get in the prone

2- fire from the prone position?

3- go up in rank?

4- improve your character?

5- STD's if you go to the village/ what beneffits your character gets for going to Mama Sang?...(good idead to include that in the game).

6- be capture yourself?

7- modification that can be done to your character?

8- call for artillery?

9- what can you do with the mail and stuff you buy in the market.

10- are there going to be upgrades or things that we will be able to add to the game later, kind of to keep our 1 year tour of duty?

I'm looking foward to the game and i hope that EIDOS can reply to these questions as soon as possible.
One last thing, i saw that there was a demo for Xbox or something like that that is being sold with a computer game magazine, i was wondering if this is so will it be a PC demo?...if yes when?

thanks in advance for your help and for creating the game,

1st Sep 2004, 18:08
That demo you were reffering to was for another Vietnam war game named Men Of Valor. Eidos won't release a demo for this game..for some reason. I guess they just don't want early reviews.

Hopefully someone from Eidos can answer your questions, but that's highly doubtful.

1st Sep 2004, 19:54
Game supports standing, crouched, prone positions, all of which can be fired from (and you better use them in this game, otherwise get used to the three letters K.I.A.)
Depending upon the mission, you do have mortar support and air available.
There is only a little choice as to how your character will look in the game. The weapons choices, particularly as you advance in the game, do become wider though.
As for the items you buy on post, I don't want to give too much away. They can be items of some use in the missions, that's about all I can say.
You don't technically advance in rank in the game, as it follows a more limited space in time, but there is a variety in missions as the game progresses. I would say the most realistic elements are the actual fire and movement tactics you must employ. Run and gun just won't work most of the time. There are some actions you'll be involved in that will be straight up fighting to hold or take a position, but there will be others when you are going to have to pick your way through some hostile country, and you will have to stop and think about it a bit now and again, particularly when dealing with booby traps and mines.

Hope this helps.

1st Sep 2004, 20:45
Just curious....

How many search and destroy missions are there compared to stealth missions?

75th Ranger
2nd Sep 2004, 00:34
Thanks for the prompt reply and help.
I'm sure looking foward to the game since so far it seems to be the most realistic gaame that i have ever seen military wise.
And believe I'm really picky about military detail and realism.
After having serve more thna 10 years in the Ranger Batallion you get quick selective about what military stuff you like.
I like the fact that the game is a 3rd person and it would be great if it had a more complex role playing simulation add it to the game itself too. Things like having to eat rations, paiting your face up, cleaning your weapons and stuff like that sure adds realism to the game.
I'm still really happy with the way your game looks so far and I already have my copy reserved at my local gamestore.
Once again thanks for the information.
take care,

5th Sep 2004, 03:18
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5th Sep 2004, 03:31
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5th Sep 2004, 03:33
But Lee says HOORAH! though...and i thought that was the marines saying...

5th Sep 2004, 03:56
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5th Sep 2004, 03:57
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5th Sep 2004, 03:59
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5th Sep 2004, 09:10
Originally posted by mike_g
would say the most realistic elements are the actual fire and movement tactics you must employ. Run and gun just won't work most of the time.

According to every trailer ive seen with in-game fighting, run and gun is all you do, jumping around like bunnies with machine guns and shooting! I really dont hope the game is like this, but the trailers gives me that impression!

6th Sep 2004, 03:47
they probably did it in the trailers to make it look more chaotic