View Full Version : About "Boaz Returns" mission from TRAOD

31st Aug 2004, 16:23
I am at "boaz returns" level at TRAOD and i dont know what to do to kill that creture... I`ve tryed, and failed many times... If anyone can help me please send me a message. Thank you.

31st Aug 2004, 16:31
you have to shoot her in the face and advoid her attacks i will pm a more specific in detail

5th Sep 2004, 06:30
I have shot at her and run away from her

I also shot out the front two pus things

but kurtis wont aim at the others
even if I roll to change position

Isnt there a cheat for this stupid boaz junk!

6th Sep 2004, 07:29
the roll button is to aim at her wings and btw im at that part and cant beat it anybody know a god code for it or a trainer? im talking abuto the god mode that makes u not die not the gun code cause it wont work for him anyway

Chris Daly
7th Sep 2004, 14:27
Boaz is certainly a fairly hard section

I found running around the outer edge of the area
enables Boaz to chase you but she wont catch you
Obviously the aim is to make Boaz extinct but to do this
and not get too frustrated takes patience.

Running around the edge of the area then gives you time
to do two things
1. Gives some thinking time to take Boaz out
2. You can pick up ammo which automatically renews
if you run out its near the Boaz entrance area

( I left some blutak on my PS2 controller- er.. not
recommended.. one night and Boaz and Kurtis were
still running around the next morning, so time is no
advantage unless you can shoot Boaz's pods )

When you have enough ammo try and target the pods
if Boaz starts spewing everywhere- your getting closer
When Boaz closes a pod target one of the ones which
is still open. Do some more running eventually you will
have all the pods closing and Boaz is no more. Its a matter
of carefully avoiding Boaz's goo claws etc too.

Hope this helps / Cheers Chris

8th Sep 2004, 01:57
I was stuck on this one too until invincible helped me on this one. I'm using a PC with regular keyboard. The solution for me was to hit the 'End' key to retarget once the green stuff is coming at you. This helped me to finish this scene within minutes. Hope this helps.

8th Sep 2004, 02:07
i use a wireless keyboard and mouse <<<yea i was bragging lol i am still at this level but when i try to press end his gun is not out and it pisses me off

i play other games im not gonna let this game bring me down;)

Chris Daly
8th Sep 2004, 06:55
Ashes you are slightly less than 1/3 way through
Boaz is near the end of the game following
Boaz there is Lost Domain and Ekhardts Lab

If your in Tomb of Ancients you have Hall of Seasons to do
If you follow other threads you have a few slightly
challenging sections coming up like getting out of
Hall of Seasons , followed by the infamous Red Ghost
Have fun Cheers / Chris

9th Sep 2004, 01:56
You need to have your gun out. This is the sequence I go through. I’ve been through this scene several times just for the fun of it to see what works best. This works for me anyway. When the scene starts I arm the character and run toward the creature to give me space behind me (very important – you don’t want to fight with your back against the wall) When I get close I immediately start rapid firing at the face while pushing the down arrow on the keyboard to back away at the same time. This way when it takes a swipe at you it misses. When the creature recoils stop shooting to save your ammo. I quickly push the up arrow to rush the creature head-on and hold the right arrow down at the same time. If you need to because you are too far away and get hit by green stuff you might have to jump right at the creature then hold down both the up arrow and right arrow at the same time. What this does it causes you to hug the body of the creature as you move around it. It will look awkward but you are safe from the green stuff. At a point let go of both the up and right arrows and begin firing like crazy as you back away using the down arrow. You will knock out one green shooting slime thing right off. After you do this hit the ‘End’ key to retarget. You will see the gun move. Very noticeable. Shoot like crazy. If you need to jump away from the creature after you take out the first green thing and repeat the sequence for the other green pod do that. Start the sequence again exactly like the first time. Repeat for the other side, only hold the up arrow and right arrow at the same time to hug the left side of the body. Everything else is the same. Don’t stand in the green puddle on the ground for very long as this will take health away fast. Jump out of it even after you win this scene. Hope this helps.

10th Sep 2004, 07:24
Marland- thanks 4 the info but i best the game already and used a different approach and i just notice u wrote this

Ashes- your gonna have to deal with a red ghost very easy if u know a trick to this boss and then a dog wolf type thing later in the game and also alot of loading cause your gonna fall alot from jumping and traps