View Full Version : What version are you going to get?

29th Aug 2004, 14:40
Hey all!

Just wondering which version of the game everyones goin to get.... PC, Xbox or PS2?

I was planning to get it on PC, but after reading Gamespots 'hands on impression' it sounds like Xbox might be better.

Appartently the graphics are better and more lush with the Xbox version, and the controls on PC are very difficult.

So Xbox seems to be the better option but one or two patchs mite be able to sort out the problems with controls and some graphics.

Anyway, tell me what u think

29th Aug 2004, 16:45
Im gonan be getting the PS2 version, because Its my system, i got it for christmas and stuff, plus my little brother has an xbox... SO if i got it on Xbox, i'd never be able to play it, and PS2 has pretty easy controllers and not big hulking ones like Xbox, even though the graphics are going to be a tad bit better on xbox, it dont matter to me, at least im gonna FINALLY be able to play it! :D

29th Aug 2004, 17:01
and PS2 has pretty easy controllers and not big hulking ones like Xbox,

Xbox ships with a smaller Type S controller, it's hardly hulking like the original.

29th Aug 2004, 17:04
but thats all we have....the big ones....

29th Aug 2004, 17:07
Plus Im not a big fan of Xbox games, i like som egames like Chronicles of Rid****, Halo is OK, and MGS Substance is pretty neat, Jurassic Park O.G has better graphics and you can get more dinosaurs, and i like SC II, Spawn is godly...

29th Aug 2004, 17:15
Every system has good games and bad games. I'll play a good game no matter what system it comes out for.

Drop 20$ on a Type S controller, they are much more comfortable. Those big ones are far too big :(

29th Aug 2004, 17:17
Whyd it censor out Chronicles of Riddic*?? o wait... never mind i see it...Stupid censoring systems....

29th Aug 2004, 17:22
I love the big x-box controllers. the type S are way too small, Feels like a playstation controller. I decided to sell my PS2, so I'm getting shellshock on x-box.

29th Aug 2004, 17:25
Hopefully PS2 and Xbox will be almost the same, side of controls and stuff, maybe they might have the same good graphics, but xbox might just have a little more polish due to the systems hardware and stuff

29th Aug 2004, 18:01
im getting it for x-box cause thats the system i have in my room

30th Aug 2004, 00:13
everyone seems to be getting it on Xbox, anyone getting it on PS2 besides me?!??!?!?!

30th Aug 2004, 01:55
ill probably get it for ps2 too if i feel like it to see if there is any difference, cause my friend lives with me and he plays ps2. so ill probably have it for both, so your not alone

30th Aug 2004, 02:01
well, i feel a bit better...but not to much....im all alone....

30th Aug 2004, 05:55
I am gonna get it for PC. It is easier for me with a mouse and keyboard to play these type of games

30th Aug 2004, 16:00
I read an article saying the Jungles arent as lush on PC as they are on ps2 & x-box. For some reason.

31st Aug 2004, 02:36
ps2 i dont have a X-Box and even tho my PC most likly can run it i like my ps2 more

31st Aug 2004, 02:51
you would think the PC would have the best looking jungle, but, i dunno, maybe PC's graphics arent as strong or something for this game

1st Sep 2004, 04:57
o boy this is a tuff decision..... well not really. XBOX ALL THE WAY RAWR!!!!!!

1st Sep 2004, 08:53
I was lookin at the pc versy, and it looked real nice, but then i just came back to PS2, plus PS2 has that real nice grainy war-film effect, wiked stuff. LOVELY JUBBLY!

1st Sep 2004, 11:12