View Full Version : My Tattoo Idea, but I Need Help?

26th Aug 2013, 04:00
So recently i have been thinking about getting a Final Fantasy 7 tattoo. So far ive thought about doing a tattoo that is on Red XIII. Just google Red XIII tattoo and you can see it there.

I need help, i feel like it is far too plain. I want to add something or have some design to help add something to it, while keeping the original design. So i was wondering if anyone here would have an idea on what i could add to it?

28th Aug 2013, 06:26
Umm.. How about Red XIII himself?
Or possibly put a pair of his hairpin/feather things next to it or behind it?

29th Aug 2013, 20:34

Okay... so this' my idea... bear with me, lots of images to soak in~

Notice how Red's tattoo almost "wings" outwardly... you could accentuate or heighten that effect on the tips (make it more intense/fierce or even make it to look like Sephiroth's one fallen angel wing on one side...)

Also, with the shape (and perhaps going with the fallen wing idea or enhancing that silhouette), you could totally implement a sword going down through the center... like the sword & shield pic(s) I added.

You could incorporate the Buster Sword or another (perhaps Ragnarok or Ultima Sword) cutting down through the center, as an overlay to the tattoo...

Overhead of course you'd still have the XIII showing to "crown" the top.

Jutting out in different angles you could have hairpins coming down from beside the sword (loved the guy's idea above me to incorporate the hairpins).

And you could finish it off with a nightscape in the background (red moon/coulds/moonrays)...

I included a picture of my back-tattoo which has the Eye of God surrounded by a Crown of Thorns overlying the Trinity Symbol with the Three Nails of the Cross pointing out... sunscape behind & a phrase crowning the top of the tattoo... similar to how XIII would be above yours.

Lots of good things you can do with all that! Lemme know if you have more questions moving fprward!